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Last month, social media network Facebook hit 300 million users. If you think a few of those people could use your company’s widget, then it’s time to fire up your business’s presence.
When used correctly, Facebook drives traffic to your website, gains you valuable customer input, and lets you market and advertise for free [...]
With Asian central banks buying up the US dollar in an attempt to arrest its slide, the greenback situation is starting to look sketchier than ever. If you are sitting on a dollar-based savings account, or your portfolio isn’t hedged against dollar weakness, you may be feeling the pinch. Dolans has a good article on [...]
Twitter is in talks with Google and Microsoft about licensing its tweets for real-time inclusion in search engines. Such deals could be worth millions. All Things Digital (via Silicon Alley Insider) has the scoop:
...according to sources familiar with the situation–Twitter is in advanced talks with Microsoft and Google separately about striking data-mining deals, in [...]
Even successful businesses can have cash flow issues. In our new Small Business Finance Center, you'll find these seven tactics for keeping cash flowing in your business. The Business Know-How Small Business Finance Center is sponsored by HSBC bank.

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All businesses have customers that are demanding and sometimes more trouble than they are worth. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to decide if it's time to let a demanding customer go.

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Think your English Lit major will doom you to a four-digit income? Not so fast. According to the Department of Labor’s most recent mean wage statistics , a liberal arts degree can earn you a decent wage.
Our list covers currently available jobs that offer high earning potential to people without a technical or scientific degree. [...]
When your ego is bruised, remember: no matter what, it’s almost never personal.
This is the last in the series 8 Mistakes Men Don’t Make, inspired by a presentation from Carol Spieckerman and Lisa Carver. Taking things personally is a weakness that confuses issues and, if you’re not careful, results in an uncooperative attitude hinders accomplishing [...]
How much stress is your staff under because there is no one who can fulfill their function if they were to go on vacation or to be ill? What contingency plans do you have in place for dealing with the sudden disappearance of one of your key players? Here are some important points you need to consider to keep your business healthy.

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After nearly two years of selling a Kindle that only works in the US, Amazon has released
an international version of the device. The $280 reader ships on October 19, according to Wired, which has the scoop:
The new version, with the snappy name of “Kindle with US and International Wireless,” will sell for [...]