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The micro-volunteering movement is being led by an organization called The Extraordinaries.
JobAngels, a grassroots online group, doesn't even have its own URL yet, but it has gathered thousands of volunteers.
Fundraising is the life blood of any nonprofit organization. But, where do you start? Here is a briefing on the major methods of fundraising and sources of those donor dollars.
How to write your mission statement. Writing a good, succinct, and clear mission statement is not hard but it does take care and thought.
Deloitte encourages nonprofits to think of this kind of skilled help from corporations as a form of currency, helping to fill the financial gap in the face of lower corporate giving and the increased demand for nonprofit services.
Here is a tip for making your volunteer recognition event something that people look forward to...not dread.
Millions of Americans--many through no fault of their own--are losing their jobs, homes, healthcare and more. Many have never before had to ask for help from anyone.
A well funded endowment is the goal of most nonprofit organizations. It is a fund that produces income.
The number of new nonprofits has proliferated in recent years. Unfortunately, not everyone who starts a nonprofit has carefully thought out his or her enterprise. Don't make the mistake of just jumping into the nonprofit arena.
National Service is on the lips of the nation as a new president assumes office, an economy tanks, and social needs reach all-time highs.
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