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BEIJING, June 26 - China will push for the international community to reduce its over-reliance on a small number of reserve currencies, the People's Bank of China said on Friday . In its annual financial stability report, the central bank said it ...
In keeping with the trend of have a short title followed by a longer title, the full cover of this book reads: Biography of the Dollar: How the mighty buck conquered the world and why it’s under siege .  Of note, I love this cover. The author of this biography is Wall Street Journal reporter Craig Karmin. I’ve found that business books are often written by one of two people .  You have the academics who are professors and researchers, they usually publish more technical books but som
Prophets are famous for being without honor in their own country, and it isn’t any fun being Cassandra.  We’re considered alarmist nuts until what we have foreseen comes to pass–and repulsive thereafter if we say “I told you so!” Well, we told you so about a lot of things, including the plans that the Obama Nation has for your 401K. To be brutal, the rape artists are moving on their plans to hijack your 401K and replace it with a handsome certificate suitable for framing which says you got a
The world’s major economic powers are all suffering from the economic downturn but even the most cynical doomsayer is sure we’ll get ourselves out of this mess—eventually. Rare are those instances in which entire economies are disrupted to the point - typically as a result of rampant inflation, or hyper inflation - that an entire form of currency is discarded, reformed or replaced. But it does happen. There are invariably external issues (military, political, etc) at play,  which result in what
'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Peter Blake During the creation of an investment portfolio, small companies must never leave out gold ” it would be a truly embarrassing thing to do so. Gold bullion is the most feasible and wise investment tool and here are innumerable persuasive reasons for emphasizing on the value of gold and its investment benefits. Gold bullion investments are now considered to be sensible today more than ever. Countries like India have this wide practice of inves
It's a wacky world. For the 13th consecutive month, output from European factories has fallen. Japan remains mired in a deflationary slump, with May consumer prices showing their largest monthly decline since 1971. New Zealand's economy shrinks by one percent, making it the country's worst recession in thirty years. And across the world banks like UBS try to replenish their capital with new equity while preparing for more losses in the second half of this year. Yet stocks rise. Go figure. We
Silver was first used as currency over four thousand years ago and its name is synonymous with the true value that can only come from a real-world commodity. Here we take a look at the history of this oldest of old-school currencies, explore how it is used today and let you in on the basics of making silver your own personal hedge against inflation. Silver was first coined between 700 and 600 BC and, during the height of the Athenian Empire (5 th century) the ‘drachma’ was established as the
Last week I published a tip on how an investor can concurrently hedge against inflation and currency risks. This week Peter Navarro , one of my favorite economists, published an interesting video that does two things. First, it explains why there is likely to be a general trend of a declining dollar against many other currencies. Second, it describes several diverse strategies for hedging against this anticipated decline. If you are interested in this topic - and you should be as a long
If you read the economic news like my fiance does anything with Kate Gosselin’s picture on the cover then you’ve been hearing a lot about hyperinflation lately.  If you don’t then here’s a little catch-up. Inflation is the increase in the price of goods over time.  It’s usually around 2-3% which is generally considered stable.  It’s why you can’t get a Coke for 5 cents anymore but even at $1.50 today it’s not bankrupting you. HYPERinflation would therefore be self-explanatory.
by Samatha East In some ways, high-end investments are not much different than traditional investments: You invest your money in stocks or bonds or mutual funds or ETFs and make all the same decisions that an average investor does. The difference is the amount of capital in play (typically a lot) or the risk exposure (typically high). In other ways, high-end investments are almost a completely different beast. Its not so much of the buy and hold investing as it is trading or speculating ass