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There seems to be a lot of talk about the death of the US dollar in the past few days.
There was even a hysterical article about the demise of...
The Brazilian real continue to set new record highs for 2009 today as risk appetite emerged influenced by a Australian central bank decision to raise its benchmark interest rates, fact which was interpreted as an evident sign of economic improvement globally.(...)Read the rest of Brazilian Real Extends Gains on Risk Apettite (65 words)
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After speculations set the real down last week versus the greenback before the G-7 meeting, now the outcome of world wealthiest nations discussions provided support for higher yielding currencies to grow, favoring the real in foreign-exchange markets.(...)Read the rest of Brazilian Currency Climbs After G-7 Meeting (73 words)
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BoJ Finance Minister Fujii warned at the G-7 meeting of possible intervention if the Yen saw biased price action. The Japanese government appears to be...
The United States is one of the main destination for Chilean commodity exports, and negative reports towards the end of this week coming from the U.S. affected negatively the South American currency performance.(...)Read the rest of Chilean Peso Down on U.S. Economy Outlook (67 words)
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There are more than a few concerns for fundamental euro traders in the days ahead. Where just a few months ago, the single currency was considered among...
I recently finished Barry Rithotlz’s book Bailout Nation.
It was a pretty good read. I learned more than I expected, particularly about the history of bailouts and how the government hasn’t...
The dollar had one of the best weekly performance in months gaining versus most of the 16 main traded currencies as the Group of 7 suggested that a strong greenback is important to guarantee a fast and sustainable world economic recovery.(...)Read the rest of Will the Dollar Rebound Before 2009 Ends? (158 words)
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