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The seeds of a housing recovery have already been planted, according to a report released Monday. In fact, many of them were sown starting in 1979.
These are tempting times for real estate bargain hunters. Whether it's the tony house down the street with an asking price that keeps dropping or office space at a deep discount, if you have the means, there are deals to be had. Individual investors snapping up foreclosed houses have helped boost home-sale figures sharply in recent months (although prices have remained depressed). And now some real estate investment trusts are raising money to fund acquisitions of distressed commercial properties.
Borrowers may like lower payments, but a mortgage that lasts for four decades isn't always best.
The Obama administration's proposal for new financial rules includes a simple mortgage.
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage declined to 5.76 percent in Bankrate's weekly survey.
Sales in the decimated housing market may finally be bottoming, but don't expect home prices to stop dropping before mid-2010 at the earliest, analysts and economists say.
The math suggests a cash-out home loan refinance may make the most sense for one homeowner.
Economy forcing you to stay put in your existing home? Here are expert tips on how to realize less can be more and to realize, "There's no place like home."
There are options to trespassing that might give you leverage over your neighbor and are legal.
It is foolish to raid a 401(k) and risk your retirement simply to land a mortgage for a home.
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