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Though you may never stop working, here are 5 tips to ensure financial stability.
It seems likely that not much of the $80 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 earmarked for clean energy and green investments will end up at women-owned businesses.

Inventing is the easy part. Marketing? Not so much. Experts, like Scott Pinizzotto, tell how they'd advertise 5 hard-to-tout products.
One of the most baffling tax tasks many entrepreneurs face is claiming the home-office deduction. It involves calculating how much of the residence is used for exclusively for business, how much of the year it is used, and then deducting a percentage of expenses based on that. The instructions are 35 pages long. Lots of self-employed home-based workers who qualify don’t claim home-office deductions because the process is so complicated. Many also consider it an audit f
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lag because of the potential for people falsely claiming home offices (though tax pros say that’s not the case).

Fixing this would save millions of home-based business owners time and money. At least six bills pending in Congress would simplify this. They would give home-based business owners the option to take a standard home office deduction of $1,500 or some figure to be set by the Treasury. (If taxpayers think they deserve a bigger deduction, they’d still have the option of calculating it the old way.)

Lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, introduced four similar bills last year, but they went nowhere. Like the tax self-employed workers pay on health care, this is an issue that affects a lot of small business owners with relatively little collective lobbying power.

The change is at the top of the tax reform recommendations recently published by the SBA's Office of Advocacy. The latest efforts to simplify the home office deduction were introduced in the last month, accompanied by press releases from lawmakers. The change would make tax time easier for the growing number of people working out of their homes, particularly many who have lost their jobs in this recession. Let's see if Congress follows through.
By Greg Go Improving your business is critical to staying afloat and growing. Here are some resources out there that will sharpen your skills, improve your offerings and allow you to grow your business. (This article was written in collaboration with Glen Stansberry, who writes about personal development at and tweets as @glenstansberry .) 1. Great Business Minds There are some incredible business minds out on the ‘Net, and some of them already write on OPENF
When you know who your visitors are, you can turn them into customers.
We’re testing an idea we hope will help you follow the policy news that matters to small business owners. We call it the Small Business Policy Ticker. The feed below pulls in bits of information from a slew of official sources, bundles it together, and pumps it out in a (hopefully) useful form. When the president gives a speech about small business, that should appear below. When the Senate Small Business Committee schedules a hearing, that will show up as well. So will news releases from the SBA, small business updates from, and YouTube and Twitter updates from
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The Small Business Policy Ticker is built with Yahoo Pipes, a tool that lets you aggregate, sort, and filter information, mostly in the form of RSS feeds. The Ticker is a work in progress, and we hope to improve it as we go along. You can help. If you know a little bit about how RSS works, you can go to the pipe’s Web site, clone it, and play around with your own version. Tweak the feeds, add other sources, organize it differently. Let us know if you do. And if this is helpful, or if there are other sources you’d like to include, reach us by email, Twitter or in the comments below. A list of sources is after the jump.
President Barack Obama says the government's $700 billion financial bailout is shifting away from Wall Street giants and toward small businesses on Main Street.

When I moved to New York City from Calcutta, I wasn't planning a catering career. I had come to earn a master's degree in lighting design from Parsons the New School for Design. But as a foodie, I was dismayed by the city's Indian eateries: The good ones were pricey, while the more affordable restaurants served two-day-old curries.
There are many successful companies out there offering translation business to their customers worldwide. They have good brand names, big offices, a significant number of full time workers, a large customer base and of course, big money. One thing to keep in mind though. They didn’t always start big. Many of today’s established translation companies began very small and in fact started from their home and they worked their way until they joined the ranks of the so-called big brothers. So if
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