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I’m writing to you today in a mini mart, just a 5-minute drive from our house.

If you are following me on Twitter, you probably know this already…

Our ISP is damned. We don’t have a connection for like 3 days in a row now - and g’dang I have to cancel this one interview with someone very special just because of that, geesh.

Anyway this is just a quick heads up for people wondering why I don’t reply to their emails. Especially the support for Ultimate Blogging Theme.

Don’t worry though, they said that the net

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work is now fixed and all they have to do is manually configure the connection in my house so I’ll be available tomorrow.

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

Guest post by Carael Knight"If there is anyone who believe that you have to have a top ten ranking/number one ranking to make money online effectively then tell me why there are a lot of internet marketing millionaires who are steady receiving sizable traffic and making money online "without" the search engines?The internet is big business. There are so many ways to make money online "without" the search engines. In my experience, you do not have to be number one or have a top ten ranking in order to make money online profitably. A lot of individuals do
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not realize this but there are numerous of six to seven figure online earners that are no where near the top of the search engines but still bring in a substantial amount of traffic. But how can one generate a sizable income without having a top ten ranking? One secret is "the money is in the list". If you can manage to accumulate a subscriber list of say maybe 1,000 to 2,000 (and this is an extremely low number) to start out, you can and will start to see profits. An advantage of building an opt in list is a lot of subscribers turn into customers and then those customers turn into repeat customers. You can sell them one thing and turn around and sell them another. The hardest thing is building the list from scratch.So how do you build an opt in subscriber list?Well, the best way is, to offer something for FREE at your website or blog. Just make sure that it is something of value and useful. Having a subscriber list is one of the keys to making money online "without" the search engines. They even have services all over the internet that will provide you with the targeted list you need to successfully make money online.You do not need a top ten ranking to rake in the kind of money that the number one ranking websites recieve. It helps but it really is a misconception. If there is anyone who like to challenge me, The Internet CEO, on this issue, feel free to comment on this.Another way to make money online without a top ten ranking is to have lots of articles promoting your product or service. If you have some keywords within your articles, they will help your rankings rise but to tell you the truth, in my experience, it is not really the keywords in the article that gets traffic, it is really the interest of the article that gets traffic. Most people who search for things on the internet are looking for quality and value. But before they see quality and value of something, they have to see the interest first.Receiving traffic "without" the search engines is what I call "making independent money". The Fortune 500 companies are no longer a threat to the small independent online entrepreneurs. We are becoming more savvy in our marketing avenues while spending less. A lot of the top ten rankings are held by these type of "major" companies but its only because of their budget. The major online companies may have a bigger budget but anytime you have a bigger budget, there is bigger overhead. The independent internet marketers understand this and this is why we have to work harder and network together to build a strong foundation.
Guest post by Lee Ka HoongAs we know, most of the readers are coming to our blog to get some information that they're looking for but not coming to hang around. Sometimes, they get the info in one post and they leave. So, how to make your blog post sticky and make your readers stay for more than a minute or more? In order to make money online, you need traffic. There are a few little tips that might helps to make your blog post sticky and gain more traffic:1) Put Your RSS Feed Subscribe HigherYou should promote yo
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ur RSS Feed or newsletter, ask your readers and friends to subscribe your newsletter online. This is a way to make them will come back your blog and read your latest blog post. You should provide several subscribe options for your readers to increase the chance that a visitor will subscribe your blog.2) Interlink Your Blog PostThis is what everyone and I will do. Everytime we write a new blog post, try to seek a relevant post to link to within your new blog post. Let say if a reader is reading a post about 'How To Make Money Online' and you inserted a relevant blog post link about 'Make Money Online With Affiliate', they might click the relevant post link to read more as well after finished reading the first post about how to make money online. With that said, they will stay for another minute to read another post on your blog, if your another blog post has other related information link within it, your reader will be reading all over and over again.3) Response To Every Single Comment From ReadersIt's to build good relationship with your readers, never act like a superstar and never replied to any comment. This is what I'm practicing in every of my blog post. Once your readers like your attitude and character, they will be more likely to visit your blog again.4) Focus on Your NicheNot only we should make our blog post sticky but our blog as well, try to only focus on a specific or single niche. This is the basic tips to make your blog post sticky. If you're writing many different niche, says you have 1 post each in categories like 'make money online', 'food', 'technology' and etc, when a reader is looking for food post, they will only read the only 1 post about food and then leave.5) Create Archive PageThis is a must for a blog, whenever your readers want to search for something in your blog but they forget when you post it, Archives page might help your readers to seek for the blog post.By following this 5 simple tips, you might be able to make your blog post more stickier. I will be more likely to hear your other tips on how to make your blog post more stickier too. Simply drop a comment over here and we can discuss more about it. I have to thanks Alan Liew for allowing me to write a guest post in, and thanks all the readers over here read my guest post.Author Bio:Lee is a part time blogger who own a blog that write about how to Make Money Online.

Kudos to the guys at PSD2HTML!

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

If you are making money with blogging, I'm sure you you have submitted your blog posts and articles to the large social media sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and so on to get free exposure for your blog. But, chances are you don't get much traffic. These social media sites are too crowded nowadays. Tons of posts were submitted daily causing fierce competition on getting your post to feature on the social sites' homepage and earn a lot of traffic. You may consider submitting your blog posts to those less competitive social media sites but still can generate you traffic.BloggerBase is one of
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the social media sites I suggest When it comes to submitting content to less competitive social media sites. BloggerBase is a content discovery platform for bloggers and readers. It has designed to be benefiting both the bloggers and readers. Blogger's who want their blog content read by targeted readers can do it by submitting their posts to Bloggerbase and be rewarded for providing quality posts. The readers will read the blog content and rate which one is a good, so influence the community.Just like other social media sites, BloggerBase is free to sign up and share content. You can submit and publish any blog posts from your own blog to Bloggerbase. Their publishing tool provides you all the necessary features to help you publish your post professionally:
  • You can format your post into the style and look you prefer.
  • Add relevant photos and images to your post to make reading interesting.
  • Include videos from video sharing sites, i.e. Youtube, Metacafe, etc into your post to attract readers.
All your submitted posts will automatically enter into the Bloggersbase weekly competition where your posts will be read and rated by the readers of BloggerBase. This way you will gain traffic. And if one of your post is being rated as the top post (highest point) for that week, your post will be featured on the homepage and BloggerBase will pay you USD40. If you are in second place, the cash prize is $10.Besides the cash reward, you could possibly gain a lot of traffic when your top post is featured on the homepage page. I checked BloggerBase's traffic stat in and Alexa showed that BloggerBase gets about roughly 3,000 unique visitors daily. So, your featured post can attract part of the 3,000 unique visitors to your blog daily.Getting featured on BloggerBase, it is tough?It isn't easy for sure. But as I said above BloggerBase is a less competitive social media site as it is still consider new comparing to social sites like Digg, Delicious and so on.If you keep submitting useful and interesting content, you have quite a good chance to get one of your posts rated as top post for a particular week.You may also do some researches on BloggerBase. Take a look at those top posts and highly rated posts. See what topics the bloggers are writing: and information and content ideas they have put in to their post. This way you can get a good idea on how to write a post that will attract good rating.You can get paid $40 without having to get your post featured on the homepage.BloggerBase has an affiliate program that will compensate you for referring other bloggers. Any bloggers that referred by you won in a weekly competition will earn you 100% of the cash prize. If your referred blogger win first place, both the blogger and you will be paid $40.If you have a lot of friends doing blogging or you know a lot of bloggers, you might want to try this affiliate program.Start getting traffic and make money now at BloggerBase.

This article is guest posted by Lyndsay from Latest Fashion Trends from a Fashion Girl- Lyndsay Cabildo.

Tip #1-  Traffic

When you have enough traffic, you have audience that will be your potential customers when you start making money from your blog.  It is the first key.

Tip #2-  Blog Content

Your blog is your world.  Your blog is the biggest component of your money maker machine online, so you would like to write good contents for your blog as that will make readers stay longer reading and browsing more pages in your blog.

Tip #3- R
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elated Affiliate Partners

Signing up with the Affiliates related to your sites get more potential buyers as they are already interested reading your blog content, they are more likely to browse on the related items or program affiliate you are with, gaining you possible commission when they do buy the product or service.

Tip #4- Using Product Links

As you write about…

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

Guest post by Michael-John Wolfe, owner of the Residuals and Royalties BlogIf you are looking to make money online and you want to start making money right away, then you should look into CashCrate. CashCrate offers a very simple way to start earning money within a few minutes. Once you sign up for the website, you can fill out trial offers for money, most these offers pay between .25 cents and $1.50 – but there are higher paying offers that can pay upwards of $15 to $25.To some people this might seem like chump change, but these trial offers are ver
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y simple and most of them can be completed in 1-3 minutes. There are people earning $20 - $25 per hour in supplemental income from CashCrate.Just think, if you are at your desk at work and you have ten free minutes, you can complete 3 or 4 offers on CashCrate and literally increase your hourly wage by $3 to $5 per hour!These offers are free to complete and there is no cost to join CashCrate. The best part about CashCrate is their referral program, you can refer as many people as you like and you get paid a percentage of their earnings! Not only that, you also get a second level referral payments from people who your invitees refer.We all know that there are tons of scams online that promise to make you rich overnight. Well, I am here to tell you that CashCrate will not make you rich, but if you want to put some extra spending cash in your pocket in this tough economy, then CashCrate is the answer you have been looking for.You can visit CashCrate’s website here: CashCrate

This article is a guest posted by Rhea of

What does ‘PLR’ mean anyway?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and any content labeled as such means that you have the right to use that content as your own even if it was written by somebody else.

In the past few years, a lot of PLR membership sites have sprung up all over the internet. And for a monthly subscription rate, you get access to *new* content they release to subscribers each month. Membership rates vary greatly (you can join some sites for as low as $25 month

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ly) as so do the PLR topics you get (anything from how to make money online articles to how to improve your golf swing can be downloaded).

Some PLR membership sites though are quite niche specific and so will only provide content for a specific topic (e.g., health).

Why PLR Articles Can Be GOOD for You

  • PLR content saves…

© Make Money Online With A 13-Year Old

Guest Post by Courtney TuttleAfter making 100% of my money online for the last four years, I have become more and more educated on the process of producing online income. I have made money through blogging, affiliate marketing, and through quite a few other methods. I have created my own products and have been featured on sites all across the web. The honest truth is that none of it holds a candle to making money through SEO. It's dang nice to wake up every day knowing that you're going to get a steady stream of traffic on your sites - traffic that you
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don't have to buy.Whether I get out of bed or not, I know that I'm going to be able to make money and I want everyone to have that luxury. I want you to be able to learn how to make money online because if you do, life is going to become a lot easier. I have helped a lot of people to learn this business and hopefully some of my insights will place you on the right track.The first area where people go wrong is that they choose the wrong keywords. If you are choosing keywords that are too difficult for your skill level, SEO is always going to seem difficult. On the other hand, if you choose keywords that are easy, SEO will seem easy.Look For Weak CompetitionWhen you're first learning how to make money through SEO, you want to choose keywords that weak sites currently rank for. I personally like to take a look at the PageRank of the pages that rank for keywords that I'm considering. If they have PageRank that's three or less, you know it's going to be fairly easy. If they have higher than PageRank four you know it will be more difficult. It isn't that you can't beat pages that have higher PageRank, it's that it will be a lot more difficult and when you're starting out, you want easy wins.Look For ValueAnother area where people go wrong is that they choose keywords that don't have any value. If you can't make money from a keyword there's no point in getting ranked for it. A great indication of whether a keyword has value is whether advertisers are paying for it with Google Adwords. You can check the CPC in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out how much the advertisers are paying. I usually only try to rank for keywords that have at least $1 for the CPC.Look For Search Volume The last area where people go wrong is in choosing keywords that aren't searched for enough. They don't take the time to check search volume for a keyword. The Adwords Keyword Tool will also show you search volume so you should know how much traffic you can get from any keyword. You can plan on getting around 40% of the traffic stated by the keyword tool. I always target keywords that have at least 3000 searches per month, usually more.Once you have chosen keywords by following the three rules above, you know you have solid keywords and you can set up sites to target those keywords. Use your keyword or something close to your keyword in your domain name (or sub domain name). Use your keyword prominently within the text of the page you want to rank, and most importantly use it in the anchors of links pointing at your page. Getting anchored back links is by far the most important aspect of getting ranked and if you aren't ranking #1 for your keyword it's because you don't have enough links or enough strong links.This lesson is super basic but I can promise you that if you follow what's here, you'll be able to make money online through SEO and you'll be able to do it again and again.
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