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If there's one major obstacle to the success of news video online, it's the lack of a central, organized place for viewing. A new company backed in part by wireless pioneer Craig McCaw hopes to change that.
Kontagent, one of last year’s fbFund winners and social analytics platform, has launched measurement tools for iPhone and web applications with Facebook Connect support. Kontagent’s application integrates tightly with platforms such as Facebook to offer widget and Facebook application developers a high level of analytics data. Now Kontagent is offering its free [...]
AIG is the 21st Century corporate equivalent of legendary bank robber John Dillinger: Public Enemy Number One.
MSNBC is naming names and listing facts and figures. A recent table published at MSNBC lists 400 of the largest banks in the U.S. with the greatest increase in troubled assets. The list gives information on...
Jive Software has launched a comprehensive Social Business Software application suite, Jive SBS 3.0, which includes the company’s previous social computing applications, Clearspace and Clearspace Community. The Clearspace applications, whose names will cease to exist but functionalities will remain the same, will be integrated into one social enterprise platform.
Modeled to offer Facebook-like features to [...]
The latest spectacle in the AIG circus is a supposedly tough federal rule on executive compensation that has drawn no blood.

Startup JD Supra is hoping to merge user generated content with the legal community. Founded by attorney Aviva Cuyler and launched last year, the site enables lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals to publish legal documents online. The source is credited for his or her work via a LinkedIn-like profile on the site. Access is free and anyone can search the database of memos, court filings, agreements and more.

The site takes advantage of the notion that lawyers are active content creators and there should be a centralized place where this content can be uploaded, in
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dexed and shared for free. Consumers are able to use the search engine to find lawyers and relevant cases and lawyers can use the database as a research resource for cases and deals. Searches can be filtered by jurisdiction, type of document, contributor, and subject.
When American International Group CEO Ed Liddy appeared before Congress Wednesday, he was allowed to sit in a chair. But it might be more fitting if he were tied to a stake.
Computer giant IBM reportedly is mulling a $6.5 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems, a combination that would bolster Armonk-based IBM's ability to deliver new services to corporate customers, including software and other applications delivered over the 'Net.
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