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National Service is on the lips of the nation as a new president assumes office, an economy tanks, and social needs reach all-time highs.
We wanted to find out just how people and organizations go about setting up giving pages on a charitable giving site.
Recruiting youth volunteers requires the ability to put yourself in their shoes. Here are some tips for recruiting and engaging them.
A good question that is floating around among nonprofit professionals is "How can nonprofits use social media?" I'm not sure what the answer is and probably few people so far really know. But we all need to get educated because the young are already there.
A charitable remainder trust is attractive to donors with highly appreciated assets.
Typically, a nonprofit and for-profit pay for unemployment claims through a state unemployment insurance tax (SUI). But unlike their counterparts, nonprofits have an alternative choice – to become a reimbursing employer.
Jakob Nielsen, a web page usability expert, has found that bad nonprofit web sites result in fewer online donations.
America may soon be called volunteer central as the government pours money into both increasing volunteer capacity and in promoting volunteerism across the life cycle.
Even though the nonprofit sector has, over the last several years, created more jobs than the for-profit world, the current economic turmoil is bound to take its toll.
The IRS has several classifications under which you can register your nonprofit organization. Determining which category to use is an important part of applying to the IRS.
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