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If you have ever come across offers for debt settlement, you are probably very curious about these offers and would like to know if their promises will actually work. You might even be considering signing up for one at this very moment. Well, before you do anything, first read up on how debt settlement plan works so that you’ll know the risks you are getting into and if it is worth the rewards.Debt settlement companies are becoming more and more common nowadays. Taking advantage of the panicked
If credit cards have become a way of life for you, it might be time to organize your credit cards. If you have a lot of credit card debt, you might even want to look at consolidating your cards to a lower rate card that will save you in interest charges. Be careful, done incorrectly, canceling and consolidating credit card debt can harm your credit. Before you consolidate, first you need to recognize why you want to consolidate. Are you looking for lower interest rates? Do you need lower month
A Simple Way To Pay Off Debt Quickly The average American family owes over $9,000 in credit card debt, and with many people paying interest rates as high as 25% their situation is worsening every month; and that’s just the credit card debt. Then there’s the car loan, revolving credit at stores, and perhaps [...] Related posts: Discover Why Debt Settlement Is Probably Not The Way To Go Get Free From Debt And Forget About Your FICO Score Paying Off Debts Will Improve Your Credit Ratin
Over 90% of business owners have never taking the time to build business credit. The reason why I have chosen to open this article with this statement is for two reasons. #1 to give comfort to those who have not taken the time to establish business. From this statement you can see that you are not alone. #2 To help ones understand that if they take this seriously, and take the time and energy to establish business credit, any one can, then they will enter the elite small group of business owners
Digital Transactions: One to Many: Visa Gets a Single Connection to Multiple Carriers Citi's ThankYou(R) Network Announces Winner of Gift Card Design Contest Bloomberg: U.S. Banks Fight Obama’s Consumer Agency to Protect Their Fees Compass Group and First Data Introduce New Consumer Loyalty Program BluePay Offers Tokenization Option for Credit Card Processing Accounts to Reduce Business Liability Note: Throughout the day, as Payments News happens, this post is updated.
Read more and learn how to keep your credit healthy. Jeanne S. answered an ad that promised 0% financing for her new car. When she got to the dealership, the best she could get was 6%. Marco N. and his wife found their dream house. But their loan officer told them that the interest rate they qualified for was so high that they couldn’t afford the house anymore. Karen W., after a long search, found an apartment to rent - but the landlord turned her down as a tenant, after he ran a credit ch
Well, looks like I’ve squeezed all the free money out of another credit card offer. This time it is the Miles Card by Discover . It used to have a good 12-month no-fee 0% balance transfer offer, but has recently added a balance transfer fee. However, it does offer 0% on purchases for 6 months. In addition, this card still offers a sign-up bonus of 12,000 Miles . You get 1,000 Miles each month you make a purchase for 12 months. A mindless way to get the points is to sign the card up f
Don’t wait until your identity has been “stolen” to worry about it. Identity fraud is a severe crime with serious repercussions that can take months or even years for victims to repair, not to mention hundreds to thousands of dollars. If someone has stolen a credit card, or has obtained enough information about you to start applying for new loans and credit cards, your credit score is going to be adversely effected. You will likely have difficulty obtaining a job (employers are making credit
Today’s post is a guest article from Vik Tantry at Kanjoh .  Vik has a new blog that takes a video-focused approach to teaching financial concepts.  I hope you enjoy it. [-SM] For a long time, the credit card industry has profited from charging extraordinarily high interest rates to consumers. But most people aren’t aware of the specific tactics used to target these consumers. Using client segmentation and marketing techniques, credit card companies can determine which consumers are mos
Tons of new money management and personal finance websites have been created within the last few years, all aimed at helping users manage various accounts, bills and budgets. Three of the most popular–,, and–have created valuable tools that everyone should look into. By far the most popular money management website is, recently voted the best online personal finance tool. has over one million users and helps users create budgets while
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