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by Landon McGehee Credit problems are rampant. There are countless commercials on TV for credit repair companies, most everyone you know has had some sort of credit issue, but so far, youve been lucky ” or maybe not. Today, well explore three of the tell-tale warning signs that signal you may be in need of credit repair, and then well outline some of the most successful solutions to help get you back on track. Warning 1 - Know the score! Your credit score says more about you than you may
I recently wrote an article on how the Obama Housing Plan would help you refinance; I truly had hope.  Sadly, the same restrictions that were in place in January, before the housing plan, are still in place today.  Obama and his administration attempted to give lenders incentives to ensure that borrowers would be able to access the lowest mortgage rates in modern history.  Unfortunately, most home owners STILL cannot get through the appraisal process.  In January, I wrote the article “ Why Can
by Hugh Grapling Because of the recent foreclosure boom, loan modification is a hot subject nowadays. A loan modification means you make a deal with your lender to permanently change the terms of your mortgage. Your interest rates get lowered or altered from variable to fixed for examplel. To offset the loss of the lender from interest payments, the length of the mortgage loan is often increased when doing mortgage loan modification. Because of the increased demand for mortgage loan modific
Ever since the Making Home Affordable Program was rolled out I’ve been very intrigued with the plan. Do we need a loan modification? No. Would it be nice? Sure. In a weird twist of events, it looks like we qualify (on paper) for the loan modification program. Home Affordable Modifications To find out of you are eligible for the Home Affordable Modification you need to answer these questions from : Is your home your primary residence? Is the amount you o
by Brenda Lengel Consolidate loans if you are troubled with the number of loans you have taken and the time it will take to pay them back. If the monthly payments of your loans are too great, then consolidating loans will give you back your peace of mind. Debt can suck up your resources in a short time, so it is always better to get rid of the debt as fast as possible. When you consolidate loans, you will discover less financial stress in your life, improved credit scores, and more money fo
by Joseph Smith The standard stock loan is a kind of loan utilized by businesses and people that uses stocks and bonds as pledged collateral. Because the stocks work as the guarantee to the loan, the company or individual doesn’t need to have good or even average credit; the number and quality of the stocks and bonds are the one and only facts of concern to the lender. In addition, most stock loans are known as non-recourse loans. A nonrecourse loan is a loan that doesn’t carry any individua
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by Guy Winsley Now, we’ll deal with some tips to increase your chances of obtaining a loan modification. By knowing these little known facts you drastically step-up your chances of success. Let’s check out a couple of tips. One of the key factors to getting your mortgage loan modification approved is your ability to show financial hardship. The first thing you should do is write a financial hardship letter to your lender. In this letter, you explain your financial circumstances. You also hav