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In karting, just like in Formula 1 Only the greatest drivers have the privilege of being the fastest in the streets of Monaco. In the bends of Rascasse, the Bureau de Tabac and the “S’s” of the Swimming Pool, Nyck De Vries made sparks fly in the KF3 category. When he dropped as low as 30th place after an accident in the pre-final, the Dutch karter knew the podium was almost impossible to reach, but he did not spare energies to climb to 4th place in the 13th edition of the Monaco Kart Cup
Taiwanese LCD makers, struggling to compete with rivals, may soon be allowed to use sophiscated LCD technology across the Taiwan Strait.
Stories on TV about the national real estate market are misleading to Americans. This is because there is no such thing as a "national real estate market".
Choose your way of making money online. I’m sitting on my beloved armchair now. Everything is OK. I have nothing to complain about. I’m rather satisfied with my life. I can see a flat surface of my computer in front of me. I’m used to drilling this surface with my curious gazes. There aren’t any other ways for me to earn my living except the World Wide Web. This virtual cyberspace is my native home. I’m used to living there. I’ve been living there since the purchase of my personal computer.
AP - Asian stock markets climbed Tuesday as a rash of better-than-expected earnings reports from major U.S. companies buttressed confidence in the world economy.
Would you be willing to give away 1 percent of your home’s value if it meant not having to worry about losing more?

At present US and China account for 20 per cent each of the world s stock of green house gas emissions followed by European Union nations that account for another 15 per cent. Russia and India follow with a share of nearly 5 per cent each.
This year, we’ve seen a lot of pessimistic estimates of YouTube’s operating losses. While the site does bring in some advertising revenue, they haven’t quite covered that $1.65B price tag yet. And based on bandwidth costs, various analysts have estimated annual operating losses of anywhere from $470M to
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Note that the more conservative estimate here still includes a bandwidth bill of nearly $50M. But new reports are estimating that cost as even lower. After Arbor Networks’ recent analysis of 256 exabytes of Internet traffic, it seems YouTube may be paying nothing for their bandwidth.
As we mentioned before, Arbor Networks found that 6% of all Internet traffic worldwide was going to Google. With that much traffic (we’re talking almost 17 quadrillion megabytes), it seems Google would have to have some serious pipage to support their popularity.
According to Wired,

The cost of bandwidth has fallen and so too have the profit margins for moving bits, even as traffic grows at an estimated 40 percent a year.
With the growth of Google’s network and Content Delivery Networks, the economics of who pays whom to connect grows more complicated than the early days of the net when money flowed upwards — little ISPs paid regional ISPs who paid major ISPs who paid backbone operators.
Now if you are Google, you might even begin asking Comcast to pay up to connect its Google Tubes straight to their local cable ISP networks. That way, YouTube videos and Google search results would show up faster, letting the ISP brag that YouTube doesn’t stutter on their network, a potential commercial advantage over its DSL competitors.

Unfortunately, Wired says, the true nature of the Internet infrastructure is guarded by NDAs, so we may never know who owns the pipeline.
What do you think? Is YouTube operating for pennies because Google owns so much pipe?

October 20, 2009 | By Jill Chenery In Online Business | Is it by chance that some people seem to always be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities, or are they the people that are self assured, that focus on turning a negative situation into a learning experience and are “out there” to be in the position more often to see and to take advantage of opportunities? They keep an open mind about all situations and therefore can judge each possibility clearly.