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As an Irish online copywriter I always find that... "when there's a ‘E' in the day! ... You should Email it! Opt for a TuEsday or a WEdnesday to send out your important charity appeals or sales message by email.
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Today Garry Conn (yes Garry is back with a vengeance) reported that PepperJam is pausing it's relationship with eBay .  This is a bummer for me, because I have several sites that sell eBay items through PepperJam.   The issue has to do with the new click quality metrics at eBay, and I am hoping PJN will pick up eBay again in the future. In the mean time,  I just had to let you know about the great customer service experience that I had with Mandy (the eBay specialist) at PepperJam this week.
Why does the stock market go up when the highest unemployment in a generation is announced?
Uncertainty is depleting President Obama's political support for escalation in Afghanistan.
Any readers of this blog or anybody who saw me speak at the A4U Expo this year will know that I’m a big fan of Twitter and use it for lots and lots of things, mainly as a marketing channel in it’s own right. When I was asked at one session to recommend a future niche with little competition and plenty of opportunity I said that Twitter community sites/apps had huge potential. Well, here’s an example of what I mean. Twitter Lists.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Twitter Lists are gradually being rolled out to all Twitter users as we speak - currently about 50% of all T
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witter users can see the Lists feature, eventually everybody will after the full roll out. Anyway, Twitter Lists are really simple (like all good ideas), it’s a feature that enables you to keep track of people’s Twitter feeds by splitting out the people you follow into…you guessed it…lists. So lets say you want to keep track of everybody on Twitter involved in Affiliate Marketing then simply create a List called “Affiliate Marketing” or whatever, and add some nice affiliate people into that list. Simple. For some more in-depth explanations click here and here.
For example, when you have the List function enabled this is what you will see:

What this basically means is that 7 people have put me into their Lists. So if we click on the number 7 then it shows you just who and what the lists are called:

From this page you can follow other people’s lists and generally keep tabs on what lists you feature in. As you can imagine this is very interesting. BTW @Cmoz has me in her “onehb” list which I obviously thought meant “one hot boy” but disappointingly the name comes from a lecture at TED, 5000 days of the Web by Kevin Kelly, its 1 Human Brain, meaning the Internet is and ultimate thinking machine. This is where CMoz puts all her brainy, innovators & “smarties”. Clearly I don’t fit in that group but I won’t tell her.
Anyway, the point of my post is that while Twitter Lists is cool I think there is a potential for a community site to be built around it. In the same way that Spotify is a fantastic music app it’s not designed to help you discover new music and playlists, hence I built The same thing applies here, Twitter Lists can be fantastic resources but the only way you can discover them at the moment is if you are featured in one. So instead of building (available to register right now btw) I’m writing this blog post to see if anybody else wants a go at it.
Why do I think Twitter Lists will be big? Here’s why…a few Tweets I’ve noticed today:

What does everybody else think? Are we all going to be measured by how many Twitter Lists we are errm listed on?
UPDATE: Literally 20 seconds after I published this post someone tweeted me to show me Just goes to show how fast things move. Anyway, it looks good, can anybody better it?
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Twitter Lists - big opportunity - anyone?
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