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This book lays out, in terms anyone can understand, the steps to setting up a bequest program, how to keep it going strong, how to market the program, and what to do when those bequests start rolling in.
No funders like to think that their grant will only fund a project for a short time. Before investing in your project, your funder will want to know your plans for carrying the project into the future, with or without this particular funder's help.
Grant writing begins long before you actually have a grant to write. Your tools of the trade is information...organizational information.
Many foundations now prefer that your nonprofit send a letter of inquiry (LOI) rather than a full proposal when first asking for grant money.
Media relations in the world of Web 2.0 have changed dramatically. While it is still important to keep in touch with the so-called "main stream media," especially your local reporters, that is no longer sufficient.
Motivation is not something you do to someone. Motivation comes from within, and we have to understand what people like to do and don't like to do in order to match them to the right jobs.
Innovative social entrepreneurs have created Web applications to spur charitable giving.
These publications are the most widely consulted in the nonprofit sector. They are must-have's for anyone working in a nonprofit.
Online auctions are a cost-effective way for charities to expand their reach and engage supporters willing to donate but who for reasons of geography, babysitters or other conflicts find themselves unable to attend the annual gala or other live event.
Nonprofit Press releases will vary but the standard format is usually similar to the example below.