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Debt Consolidation You are already in debts and the last thing you figure is to pay for the service of debt consolidation companies or programs that will only further increase your debts. It's difficult not...
Foreclosure is rarely the "right" move when it comes to dealing with your home. While working through your banks loss mitigation department and attempting the various options available is advisable, there are a couple instances where foreclosure might be the better option...
Anyone who’s been a reader of Straight Talk for a while has known that I’ve been an avid reader of what Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism writes.   Well, she’s got a somewhat cynical but very thought provoking look at the new 125% refi program. Take the time to read it….. Tom Vanderwell naked capitalism: Freddie, Fannie to Provide 125% LTV Mortgages, Worse Than Extremes of Subprime Frenzy Freddie, Fannie to Provide 125% LTV Mortgages, Worse Than Extremes of Subprime Frenzy If you had a

Financing your new car is the most likely option if you’re in the market for another vehicle. I’m sure that you already know that if you have a bad credit record it will get in the way. Still, if you go to the right company, this won’t get in the way of your new vehicle. The key part will be locating a company that specialises in this area. The only hurdle you may have is if there have been problems with bad car credit in the past. It may be more difficult but still possible if you find the ri
Many people mistakenly believe that buying insurance through an agent is more expensive than purchasing directly from an insurer and this can be a costly mistake. Insurance agents are well aware of the financial pressures facing many of us and have become very good at getting the best prices for their customers. For a variety of reasons, insurance is cheaper with an agent! Insurance agents know what company can insure you for the lowest price. Many insurance buyers are unaware that insurance c
Do you Looking for car insurance quotes that truly help you? Want to get the best price possible on your car insurance? You need to make sute that you come to the right place. Car insurance is available for all 50 states online. The Internet is a fast and convenient way to shop for car insurance wherever you live. Online insurance shopping can allow you to have proof of insurance in as little as 30 minutes. Many factors determine the amount you will pay for car insurance. It`s good to negot
Calculating Your Energy Draw and What To Do When You Find Out What a Home Energy Hog You've Been
Barney Frank—"not a great outdoorsman"—claims he didn't know his partner was growing pot before his 2007 arrest.
A disgruntled U.S. military soldier shot and killed 11 people and wounded another 31 during a rampage at Fort Hood today.