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The Canadian dollar yesterday as the crisis in Europe escalates, damping demand for commodities and commodity-dependent currencies. The loonie trimmed its losses today on good fundamentals in Canada and the United States.(...)Read the rest of Loonie Weakens as Europe Hits Commodity Prices (170 words) Posted on Forex News.
Commodity prices have scope to recover amid profit-taking as markets digest the latest batch of negative Greece-linked news flow.
The Brazilian real was one of the most benefit currencies today with the Group of 20 statement indicating that stimulus measures to support the global economic recovery will be extended, increasing risk appetite among traders today that opted for assets in emergent markets.(...)Read the rest of Brazilian Real Rises on G-20 Stimulus (66 words)
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The South African rand was the best performing among 16 main traded currencies in foreign-exchange markets, as demand for metallic commodities exported from the African nation rose globally, increasing their rates and influencing positive the rand’s price and attractiveness.(...)Read the rest of South African Rand Top Weekly Currency on Gold Rise (170 words)
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The Brazilian real had one of the best weeks in more than 2 months as demand for commodities and emergent markets assets rose globally, maintaining the real as the best performing currency in 2009 among the 16 main traded ones in foreign-exchange markets.(...)Read the rest of Brazilian Real Gains Sharply on Risk Demand (73 words)
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Demand for safety rose towards the end of this week’s session as U.S. payrolls were cut beyond analysts expectations, suggesting that the economic recovery in North America will take longer than previously imagined by economists.(...)Read the rest of Yen Gains on U.S. Job Losses (64 words)
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The Nonfarm Payroll Report for October 2009 showed a loss of (only) 190k jobs in the US with the unemployment rate spiking to 10.2 percent from 9.8 percent.So, the two sides of this coin are less jobs being lost, but more people unemployed. The report appears to have sparked some risk aversion in the forex markets with the US Dollar staging a very minor rally initially and the Yen pairs selling off.US Unemployment Rate Tops 10 Percent originally appeared on
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After a lot of expectation regarding Canadian employment figures that were published today, the loonie fell drastically versus most of 16 main traded currencies and specially versus its U.S. counterpart, as negative job figures shunned investors away from assets in Canada.(...)Read the rest of Canadian Dollar Down on Job Figures (157 words)
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The Australian Central Bank hiked interest rates on the Australian Dollar(AUD) by 25 basis points from 3.25 percent to 3.5 percent.The central bank cited continued return to growth for the Australian economy and moderated inflation. Read more...R
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The Canadian dollar remained neutral at the highest level in more than a week before an employment rate which is due to be published tomorrow, defining the outlook for the loonie for the next week, since jobs figures are an important data to measure a country’s economic conditions.(...)Read the rest of Canadian Dollar Remain High Before Jobs Report (65 words)
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