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What has been sold as a strength of the American medical system does not look like one to the health minister from the Netherlands.

President Obama, seeking to build momentum on Capitol Hill, urged the Senate to “take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line.”

A new law requires that next year big group plans provide the same level of care for mental health as for medical ones.

Medical devices may seem an inviting target to better control Medicare spending, but plans for a health care overhaul do not address the quality or the cost of the products.

A House bill provision would order a study of regional variations in Medicare spending, pitting more rural hospitals against those in areas like New York City.

The Obama health plan would discourage taxpayers from working to their full potential by making their efforts less rewarding, N. Gregory Mankiw says.

Investigators are reporting that the Medicare program largely failed to give antifraud contractors much of the information they needed to do their work.