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Guest post by Franck SilvestreIt's true that affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to start making money fast on the Internet. However, there is another way to start earning that is even more powerful than affiliate marketing,Why?Because it's guaranteed, and you receive payment before you do anything.With affiliate marketing, you need to start a campaign, pick a product, write articles and distribute them to directories... but during this time, you don't make any money online, and there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will make money.Compare this to writing for other markete
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rs. You write an article and you earn $5 write away. Write five articles per day and you write $25/day. That's $125 per week or $500 per month! If you can write faster, you can make $1000 per month in a record time (I mean by next month).This business model works very well. Every single month, I pay several freelance writers to promote my businesses online. I pay them even more than that.Hundreds of people just like you earn a nice and steady income writing articles for other established marketers.Let me explain why writing articles for other marketers is one of the best way to get started online.Reason #1: Getting paid to learn is always a good thing.Reason #2: You will discover profitable niches (I explain what is a niche in the main manual) right from the start. If a client is continually paying you to write articles for him, it's because it's making him money.Reason #3: You will be motivated to pursue your Internet marketing business because you will see the money coming into your paypal account right from the start.The last one (and there is more, but I think it's enough for now) is that you'll start with one of the most important marketing skills right from the start: relationships building.Below are four sites you can join today to start earning money as a freelance writer:1) The Warrior forumYou will need to post a $20 fee to post there, but it worth it.2) The Digital Point ForumJust go in the advertising section of this forum.3) Elance.comElance is another site I use to find freelancer, and you will get plenty of clients there.It's not a forum, but a freelance site, and you will have to bid on offers to get the job. They have excellent tutorials explaining the whole process. When you start, you will offer your article writing service at a low introductory price. I'm talking about $0.01 per 100 words. That's $3 for a 300 word article.TIP: As I said above, start by offering your services at a low price. Later on, once you start receiving a lot of feedbacks, you can start to raise your prices.Author Bio:Do you want to discover how to make up to $6,973.83 per month from scratch. Click on this link now to watch the video tutorial at Franck's Free Affiliate Marketing Training.Franck Silvestre makes a living online for two years now, and he helped many beginners to make their first $100.00 online. Will you be the next apprentice? Watch my amazing FREE Video today and discover how you to can become financially independent this year at
Guest Post by Jason VanTreesWith so many people looking for new ways to make money, it is no surprise that a lot of folks turn to the Internet to try and make money online. Unfortunately many people fail to generate income from online promotions. Many fail because there do not follow through with promoting which brings in nothing in return. But why not become involved with work from home programs that actually paid you to make money online?Become a Customer RepresentativeOne may to get paid to make money online would be to see if a Merchant or program is looking for new customer representative
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s to help provide customer service for their products. Most company websites will have these type of job listing under a 'Career' tab or link within their website.Website AdvertisementIf you own or run your own website or blog related to a certain niche, try contacting relevant companies and make them aware of your web properties and offer advertisement placement. Some companies may want to pay you to advertise on your website.Offer Referral HelpIf you are a member or affiliate to a program that have many other members too, but doesn't offer much support, let them know you are willing to help answer questions and offer support. Try contacting the owner to see if your knowledge about their program would be worth paying you to help other members or referrals with the support.Making money online can seem hard to achieve for new comers at times. But if you start promoting a product or service and become very knowledgeable about it, you may be able to get paid while trying to make money online.Author Bio:Jason VanTrees is currently a Super Sponsor for Acme People Search and currently is paid up to $133.85 each month in reimbursements for helping other people with Acme People Search. Jason suggest that you take advantage of all the income opportunities with Acme People Search.
Having great equipment helps, but both of these examples show that equipment is only part of the equation.
Whatever you want to do to make money online, you'll probably find that a website is necessary to make thing works. Affiliate marketing for instance, you need to have a site to promote and recommend your affiliate products. Google AdSense and CPA programs are some other examples. You must build a niche content website so that you can place your AdSense ads and CPA ads on your content pages to generate revenue.Even you are doing eBay selling, with the basic knowledge about website creation could save you a lot of time for long term selling on eBay.However some people say that creating a new web
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site is difficult and taking time. You will got to learn computer language and HMTL code before you can start building a site. Yes, this is true. But do you know that building website can be easy with the help of a step-by-step guide and some free tools.Chris Farrell is a guy who doesn’t know website building but now he is able to create niche websites and generate lucrative income from his sites. Back in year 2008, Chris was a complete newbie who thought that he can't create a website. But he took the time to learn and finally got the skills of building simple and profitable website. And he told us that everyone can learn and build a website.To help the beginner, Chris has written an e-book that teaches exactly how to create a simple website for making money online in an easy and fast way. The book contains 120 + pages but don't worry, there wasn't very much reading in it as there are a lot of screenshots you'll see which will help you understand things quickly.You know you need at least some website creation skills or knowledge to make money online. The e-book 'Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon' by Chris Farrell is one of the useful guide that can help you. Chris know you don't like to learn much about the complicated HTML code, so the book was written in a non-tech talk style and each step is laying out clearly.Grab a copy of this e-book nowAnother thing about using a website to make money online is that from time to time you are going to make changes to your site. It might just take some simple technical knowledge to do the change. If you have learned about website creation from the book, you probably can do the website changes by yourself immediately without having to wait for a web designer to do the work for you……Did I mention the book is free? Yes Chris wasn’t charging anything. He is giving out the e-book totally free. Just visit and sign up with your name and email address; and the e-book will be sent to you right away.And not just the book you will be getting when you sign up, Chris has also thrown in a bonus gift for anyone that signs up. The gift is a free membership to his weekly newsletter ‘Success Grenade’ which share the good strategies, methods and tips of making money on the Internet.You’ll have everything to gain and nothing to lose joining So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up at to have access to all the money making information provided by Chris.
There is a new tool called Visitor Spy which was recently launched by Matt Callen you might be interested on. The tool can improve your conversion rate.Whether your goal is to generate sales, leads or AdSense advertising revenue through your site, conversion rate is your main concern. Knowing well your visitors' movement, action, clicks and the area they always focus on in your site will enable you to make the right c
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hanges on your site to fit the visitors' needs and subsequently boost up your earning.Let say if you want to do well in AdSense, you'll need to put your AdSense ads in the locations of your pages where your visitors will always click links in. Visitor Spy will let you know that good locations.Since Visitor Spy tracks your visitors and provide accurate information on what exactly your visitors are doing while they browse your site and pages, You'll know what they are really looking for so enabling you to recommend them the right product or service on your site. This certainly a good way to get more sales and leads.Visitor Spy is cool. Watch the video presented by Matt about how it works. It was a cutting-edge technology. I think you'll like it.You can access and use this tool free instantly by signing up at
Youtube is the most popular video-sharing site online. Many people have already benefited from its services. Talented individuals who used to be unknown in the music industry and show business have risen to popularity by simply posting a video on Youtube showcasing their special talents. Many businesses use Youtube to widen their product market reach. Youtube is indeed a free site and it gives many benefits to the people
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using it. Some of us may have read a few articles on how we could earn money from this site. Others may be totally unaware that earning through this site is possible. There are two ways on how we could do it – directly and indirectly. This site is used as a channel by those who want to earn money online, from individual bloggers to highly successful internet professionals.Youtube Partner Program – video producers whose created videos have gained popularity and those who consistently submit videos on a regular basis can apply for the Youtube partner program. Youtube also sends invitation to some active content producers to participate in this program. It is required that the video you submit is your original creation. Once accepted, you will have the opportunity to earn money from their revenue-sharing program. You will earn a share monthly from the revenue of the ads on your videos.To make good money from your Youtube, your videos must be attracting good page views. It doesn't have to be a high quality production nor you need a professional crew to produce a popular video. Even individual with a camera can create popular video. Magibon in Youtube is an example.Video-sharing communities – there are also other revenue-sharing video communities online where you can upload your original videos or embed the available video from Youtube to that site. Embedding Youtube videos to other sites is allowed as Youtube is an open video community and a code is provided if members want to embed a particular video from it. Earning money through these sites is through Google adsense therefore your adsense publisher ID has to be submitted in order to earn money. You have to input your adsense publisher ID at your profile page. You can track your earnings by adding a channel of the site at your adsense account page. Sites with video revenue-sharing programs are Flixya, Nelsok, Videosense, Mediaflix, among others.Movie Reviews – some people create blogs and post in them movies or movie trailers available on Youtube. Others are information or interviews about famous actors and actresses. A review about the movie and it's characters are added then the video from Youtube is embedded. Many people search for this kind of videos and information most especially if the actor or actress has a recent movie. The movie trailer can be found in most sites like this.Youtube provides income opportunities to people. Though not a lot of people know about this yet but it is making some people who are resourceful and patient enough to earn money from this site. An individual can make money from Youtube directly or indirectly and some people do really make money from it. Youtube has also helped some bloggers increase their site's revenue by bringing in traffic to their sites. We know that the more traffic a site has means the more chances of earning. This is what professional bloggers are doing while a few new ones are following their footsteps. If you have a blog and is active online, it is best that you explore the earning opportunities of Youtube. You maybe missing out something valuable.
Guest post by Zamir Get paid for answering questions are a good way of making money online by working at home. It contains sharing knowledge about the subject like English grammar, business, finance, accounting, computer engineering, medicine or topic like blogging, make money online, traffic building, website promotion etc in which you are knowledgeable about and giving advice to people who ask for it.How does that w
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ork? Companies who pay you for answering questions are aware of the fact that if the company have experts in different areas answering all the questions from potential customers then company name will grow.It’s very useful to people who have good knowledge about a field. It’s advisable to pick only that area in which you have complete knowledge. The more areas you know the more you can earn. The amount of money that you will get from the company will depend on your field or subject and your potential.There are quite a few get paid for answering questions sites and ExpertBee is one of them.ExpertBeeExpertBee pays experts for answering questions. Here's how to get started. Visit Experbee and on New User Registration Page , enter a username, password and email address to get registered free. Then using your username and password logon and write your expert profile containing your educational qualification and fields, topics or subjects in which you are interested in to give answers.Whenever a question related your chosen field or subject is asked by an Expertbee user then it will be directed to your inbox. The mail will contain the question and amount of money you can earn by answering that question. You have to bid your price for that question meaning you have to pick how much you want to get paid for answering that question. Its wise to bid relatively less if you are new expert because the same question will also be directed to some other experts also that are related to your field and they give their bids also. Now its up to the expert bee user to decide which expert he/she wants to hire for giving his/her answer. Who ever is picked by Expertbee user will get paid.Expertbee user will pay Expertbee and Expertbee will pay you $0.60+20% of the bid price. If you get a question which you are not able to answer then you can skip that question for other experts to answer. The more questions you win and give right answers the more good reputation you earn. Experts with good reputation can set their bid price for answering a question very high and if they are picked then they earn quite handsome amount of money for answering a question. Good thing about it is that there is no specific location or age requirement to be an ExpertBee expert and give answers.So if you have good knowledge about a particular field or topic then you can earn good money online by answering questions in this Get Paid for Answering Questions Websites.Author Bio:Zamir is an MBA (finance) graduate. He loves writing useful blogs for bloggers. His blogs give useful information to people about new money making opportunities from websites and blogs. His blogs can be found at Make Money Online the Easy Way. He writes on topics such as Online Money Making Opportunities,Backlinks, SEO, Page Rank,Blog Traffic,Money From Blogs etc.
Guest Post by Dante ValentinoAffiliate marketing is a very interesting topic. Many people perceive it to be very easy but the fact is that it takes time and effort just like any other kind of business. It really gets lost in translation because of the many successful affiliates who are already making tons of money and showing you their Clickbank screenshots saying how easy it is. When in reality most of them had to pay their dues to become successf
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ul and that is what it's all about.The truth about affiliate marketing is that as easy as it is compared to other kinds of businesses it really does require hard work. So follow these seven tips to ease it up a little.1) Pick a plan and stick with it. Actually writing down a solid action plan can get you more focused rather than just going at it blindly. There are so many different affiliate strategies that you can easily get lost, so having a plan will keep your thoughts organized and be more effective in the long run.2) Lose the "Go big or don't go at all" ego. I had this problem when I was starting out. When I built my first website I targeted a popular keyword term that I thought I could get high rankings for on the search engines but it was nearly impossible trying to beat the competition. So the point is to start off small with less competitive keywords. Remember that you need to learn how to make a hundred dollars before learning to make a thousand and so on.3) Do thorough research. There is a lot of research involved with marketing alone. In this case there is keyword research, niche research, and even research on a topic you don't know much about. But doing a thorough job of researching is crucial because you will be basing your business on that research. So it is always a great idea to dig deep down in the keyword tools to find a profitable keyword with low competition or see how competitive the sites are that rank under a keyword you got in mind.4) Don't sell, recommend. Preselling can be tricky because what people really like is recommendations. Not hard sells. The hard selling of a product is taken care of on the sales page. So your job as an affiliate is to "warm up" the customer by giving an honest recommendation and explaining why.5) Don't put all your eggs in one basket. It is more efficient to spread out your business like a monopoly. That way if one of your campaigns fail then at least you will have other streams of income. Try setting up several sites in different niches. Or if PPC is more your thing then set up more ads and landing pages.6) Training programs can really help. Success can be reached much faster by following the advice of someone who has went through the process of trial and error. Learning on your own is usually the hard way but following a proven system by an expert is much easier and less frustrating. Having actual support where you can ask questions is a very big plus in an affiliate training program.7) Don't stop learning. This sort of relates to the last one because many affiliates have bought more than one training program. That is not a bad thing because each product was created by a different marketer and therefore has different strategies and content. But going on websites and learning everything you can about all sorts of topics like SEO is essential for your success. I am always reading different ebooks or blog posts to broaden my knowledge of affiliate marketing and making money online and it really gets my mind going.Just remember that it takes practice to really master affiliate marketing. The more dedicated you are to your affiliate business the greater the outcome.Author BioMy name is Dante. I am an experienced affiliate marketer who has succeeded online. You can check out my blog full of affiliate strategies where I would be happy to help out and answer any questions. Cheers!
Guest Post by Simone MI like easy money. I hear You: "Who doesn't like easy money?" Exactly. Like I already wrote, there are some certain ways to make money doing nothing, but that isn't actualy 'nothing' it is more like something to be done initially maybe in week or month and then after some time look money that comes into your pockets. So to be clear when i teach you how to make money from nothing, I mean without any (money) investment, just some of Your initial work and patience, and of course knowledge of what You are doing at all.Today I will explain you one of my favorite ways for makin
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g easy money that i using for years, which will take You 15-20 days to start, and then just need to wait month of two to see some great results. When I say great I mean on great incomes of course. This You gonna love, it involves some other peoples who actually works for You.This method is related with affiliate programs. I will explain using one example, but just be creative and You will find that You can do this in various programs with various type of companies that offer affiliate and sub affiliate programs. This is one of ways that I am like I said using for years and this one makes me $1.500-$2.000 monthly and I do not work anything, actually sometime I totally forgot on this until I receive accurately monthly check :) Ok, this is a joke, I don't forget any source of my incomes no matter is it makes me $10 or $10.000.As example I will take some good adult affiliate program which give You option to get your percent or few bucks for every new member that came using Your affiliate link and also offers You that You can bring new affiliates and have lifetime % from their commission, this second is crucial. For example that is AFF program (use Google and You will find what I am talking about.) When I signed few years ago, I put some banners on my sites, sent some mail, but all that was tight in first month, so I thought 'no money there'. But... One day when I loged in I sow that this programs offers 10% of lifetime earnings of affiliates who I bring into program. That sounds good, better than $1 that I received every time when some member sign in for service as free member with my affiliate link. Ok, I thought, first month I made about $120 sending mails, putting some banners on my sites,and using some other methods to attract people to sign under my link, it was like I said very 'tight, but I came into idea. If I found 100 people and lear them how I am making $120 monthly with only condition, to sign as affiliates for same service under my account, I will have 100 x (10% from 120 is 12) = $1200 passive income. Well,well, this is not bad. Actually what happens if I find 500 peoples and this same, it would be about $6000. Oh, this is even better You will agree.So I decided to take 2 weeks working on this project on this way: I will create small site, and small brochure in PDF, where I will explain what i am doing to make those crappy $120 monthly, but someone who has more motivation can make $300-$400 maybe $500, and after signing as my sub-affiliate I will give them this for free. So I done all of this and started visiting forums leaving posts that sounds something like: "contact me and i will give You free method to make $150 - $200 monthly." That was the whole truth, in todays world people selling ebooks and similar stuffs and makes money but those who buying those books don't really make any money, because most of those methods and 'lessons' simply don't work, work only for authors to make some quick money. Reaction on this was great, there are some skeptical people, but today we are in contact because some of them become even my friends. So, I had great free ebook that people need just to read and start working, with real and 'live' money making method, I didn't ask money for that ebook, just to sign under me and to earn my 10% from their lifetime earnings. Obviously people trusted to this, because it was my goal to learn them to make some money because that is the only way to get my 10%. Affiliate program didn't offer me any money for attracting new sub-affiliates, just commission on their earnings.Almost 3 years latter, or in other words today, I am making $1.500-$2.000, and that amount slowly increases each month, others work for me, I that money are just those 10% of mine. Some new people still coming on my site and fill the form to contact them with sample of my free ebook for making money in affiliate marketing, I am sending them after they sign under my affiliate link, and everything is perfect for all of us.Conclusion is: Invest some time, don't expecting big bucks in first days, play slowly and smartly and I will make money doing nothing permanently!Author Bio:Simone M. explore techniques to make money doing nothing for past 5 years and he is always happy to help others to start making money on Internet on easier way.
Blogging is powerful when done correctly. It's also powerfully addicting to some. Are you one of the people who sit up steadily beating the keyboard night after night until you walk around looking like a zombie with the black circles under your eyes? If you are, you're not alone. Many others have caught on as well, and they spend countless hours posting to forums, commenting on politics, religion, busin
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ess, senseless things, and even shopping.You've stumbled upon what so many others have stumbled upon and come to the same conclusion - blogging is powerful. And the more you blog, the more you're learning about how many ways it can be used, and how many different ways you can make money with it, or just have fun with it. And you realize what a great tool it is, and what a great asset it is to know how to do it, and do it well.Blogging stormed the internet like a flash. It's taken many casualties in it's quake. But the benefits of blogging are vast and well established. It involves interactive journalism, and personal archiving, as well as feedback and readily available information. Your blog reflects whatever your goal is. Each blog can be as individual as the person who creates it. It has a different purpose, a different function, while still having the same basic working mechanisms. It's a place where ideas can be shared and circulated for the benefit of all who visit there. It's communication in one of it's finest forms.Google Adsense has made it possible to pick up a little change as you share information. But don't expect to get rich quick with this program. You need to have a blog with a lot of traffic in order to make good money with this. Visitors can click on the ads on your blog, and you get paid. But it takes a lot of these small amounts to add up to a large amount. Just look at it as a bonus and don't really count on it as an income source. But then, if you keep on blogging, one day you may realize it's a substantial amount.The easiest way to learn how to blog is to jump in and go. First you should decide what it is you want from your blog. Do you just want to share information? Or get feedback on something you're involved with? Or just have some fun or make money? Decide it's function, then pick a niche, get some keywords, and go for it. It doesn't take long to get one up and running. Actually it's simply a matter of minutes. If you have an hour to play with, you can throw up a blog.Blogger is an excellent place to start one for free. Their blogs are so easy to use it's amazing. You'll find they have all the templates, all the fonts, and everything is very easily understood, and laid out well. You'll feel like a professional in no time. And remember that many people began to blog out of curiosity, and in time found they were able to quit their regular jobs and blog for a living, making far more money than they believed they could. Who knows? Blogging is powerful.
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