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According to one analyst, metals are unlikely to see increased restocking demand until 2010.
The two dominant carriers from Beijing and Hong Kong are negotiating to land in Shanghai's cargo market.
British Airways and Qantas are the latest to join the scrum to tie up with Japan Airlines.
Stocks in Asia are on the rise because of upbeat earnings forecasts and higher commodities prices.
New accounting rules will force big banks to own up to their hidden obligations.
A rallying stock market and few natural disasters make insurance firms a tantalizing investment, say analysts.
Barclays Capital team says there's room for upside in U.S. equities, but only until the Fed's easy money runs out.
Only Congress stands in the way of the abundant copper, gold and silver in the U.S.
Barclays Capital doesn't believe Japan will halt the yen's gain against the greenback.
UBS gauge shows investors shying away from risk again, but that could mean an attractive time to buy is near.
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