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Here is a sample of the future funding, or sustainability, section of a grant proposal.
It has never been easier to find your perfect volunteer opportunity. Just let your fingers do the searching at your computer keyboard, and you're bound to come up with some great ideas and contacts.
Cost-cutting may be as important in hard times as increasing revenues. Here are ten easy ways for nonprofits to save money.
Credit card processing is no longer an option for nonprofits that need to raise funds from individuals. It is just a question of how to set up the credit card processing and manage it.
Are your board members nodding off at your board meetings? Or maybe not even showing up? They may be afflicted with boardroom ennui resulting from not having anything of substance to think about or do.
Even if your organization is struggling and there are so many other priorities than hiring a good pitch man or woman, there is help in Joseph Barbato's easy-to-read and practical "Attracting the Attention Your Cause Deserves/"
In order to receive a tax-exemption dating from the time of your incorporation, you need to file IRS Form 1023 within 27 months of your incorporation.
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