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Although establishing an online business is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is not very difficult to handle. It involves high persistence, patience, marketing strategies and commitments to succeed in the realm of online business. When you become a bundle of all these, sky is the limit to make money online. Huge profits can be reached with low overhead charges, while you take up the benefit of promoting a worldwide business.ProductTo start with a business online, you need a product. It can be software, scripts, ebooks, videos, ideas, health supplements and what not. Auction sites are there to p
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romote your used products like clothes, radio, shoes, furniture. The list of products keeps extending every day, as new products arrive daily to the market. but make a good research online, before you decide the product. The demand for the product should be perennial. Make use of the keyword tool of Google and you will definitely locate the profitable product.ConversionThe rate of conversion is the result obtained from calculating the number of potential buyers out of the number of visitors to the website. If 2 among 100 visitors are making purchase of your product, then 2% is the sales conversion. It might be lesser in the earlier days, but gradually with the tools of marketing you can maximize it. Credibility, convincing communication, special offers, overwhelming customer service, free shipping, and if possible some referral marketing are some effective tools.TrafficWith advanced mode of generating traffic, you can easily augment the number of visitors to your website. Article marketing, pay per click, social bookmarking, press release, and ezine advertising are some of the powerful techniques. Focusing on the targeted and specific visitors, leveraging every visitor who visits, mastering in traffic strategy, planning the generation of traffic, monitoring the built traffic and adding profit streams in the website may prove good result to make money online. If there is innovative method implemented to enhance traffic, never hesitate to dabble on it.BackendBackend is the way in which you pick out the opportunity to include additional products to the existing customers, may after sales or during the process of checking out or with follow-up mails. Build trust and credibility with potential and regular customers, to make them come again and again. Use backend products, which must be a complement, yet linked with your primary product. When you sell printer, include ink cartridges for printer as complement backend product.
 As I mentioned in my Profile, I've always wanted to earn a living as a writer, but have managed to put this off for years.  Well, I think I had some sort of mid life crisis last year and decided that the...
Learn about investing in China and five ways to play a weak dollar, all among this week's Mutual Funds and ETF stories.

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Instead of saying 'thank you,' show customers some real appreciation by giving them your time.
People engaged in earning large amount of easy cash for life know that network marketing is a very suitable option to make money online. If you are new in this field you may be interested in knowing more about internet marketing and its associated prospects. Network marketing is all about relationship based business where you [...]
You love to talk, and you’ve got stories to tell. But is work the place to bond over personal dramas?
This is the seventh in the series 8 Mistakes Men Don’t Make. Making things personal is different than taking things personally. (We’ll get to that in #8.) Making it personal refers to the over-sharing and personal [...]

UNTIL RECENTLY, BOND-FUND MANAGERS could get away with one of the biggest shortcuts in investing: skimming over the finer points of each bond they put in their portfolios. Bond research, also known as credit analysis, is supposed to answer a basic question about every bond: How likely is a company (or country or pool of mortgage holders) to pay back its debt with interest? For years many investors didn’t notice or care that fund managers couldn’t always answer that question, because bond funds rarely lost money. But during the financial meltdown, the difference between a bond
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fund earning 5 percent and losing 35 percent, analysts say, often rested on whether the fund managers did their own research. “It’s hugely important, and no one realizes it,” says Lawrence Jones, the head of fixed-income analysis at Morningstar.
The problem, some say, is that too many bond funds essentially have let credit-rating agencies do too much of their bond research for them. The agencies, including Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch, judge the creditworthiness of the debt issuer and assign the bonds a rating. But critics have contended the ratings agencies’ research is too slow, flawed or both. Exhibit A: When the credit markets crashed, even many highly rated bonds (including Lehman Brothers and AIG bonds) tanked, taking funds that had leaned too heavily on the published ratings right along with them. For their part, the agencies say their ratings reflect a company’s most recent financial situation and are not intended to be forward-looking.
Having an in-house research team doesn’t guarantee success, but many top-notch bond firms believe it helps keep them a step ahead. Pimco (LTPZ), which manages $841 billion, boasts that it doesn’t even subscribe to the published ratings, instead relying on its 60 analysts. So far, so good. Pimco managed to sidestep the worst of the mortgage crisis, in part because it dispatched analysts to interview mortgage brokers and real estate agents nationwide. Similarly, the Harbor High-Yield Bond fund (HYFRX) has benefited from the expertise of its subadviser, Shenkman Capital, a group dedicated to bonds issued by companies most at risk of bankruptcy. The fund won’t invest until an analyst has met with management, scoured the legal documents that establish who gets paid and how much if a company goes under, and written a 15-page credit analysis. Finally, no manager can buy a bond until the Shenkman credit committee gives approval. Other firms, such as BlackRock (BLK) and TCW (TSI), are known for their research groups, and T. Rowe Price (TROW) has a noted emerging-markets debt team.
Of course, no fund manager will cop to leaning on research from ratings agencies. To find an independently minded bond fund, experts suggest comparing a fund’s holdings against the index. The closer a fund is to its benchmark, the more likely the managers are to be using the consensus research rather than forming their own opinion.
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More and more economists are talking about how they think the economy actually grew in the third quarter. Unfortunately, it might be hard to find evidence of that once companies start reporting their latest quarterly results.
According to Kiplinger , “Folks who represent the food and beverage industry are fighting an all-out war against a federal excise tax on sodas, fruit drinks, sports drinks and other sugared beverages. They are determined to make sure that Congress doesn’t approve such a tax to help offset the cost of health care reform legislation, and they even launched an advertising blitz costing a reported $2 million to make their point. There’s just one problem: No major health care bill pending in Congr
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