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Only two things are certain in life, it is said, and they are death and taxes. That's where planned giving comes in.
Below the dire headlines, the largest transfer of wealth in history continues.
Thank you letters to donors are crucial to create a lasting bond that will bring in funds year after year. Here is a sample thank you letter to a donor.
A Houston charter school turns out college-ready kids, thanks to folks like Bill Gates and Michael Dell.
This short book is packed with suggestions and real life experience. It begins with a discussion of "What is Supervision?" thus swinging attention away from the volunteer to a consideration of what you, the supervisor, should understand about supervising volunteers.
Naturally, a start-up nonprofit is anxious to start raising money. But, it is best to wait until all the details are wrapped up.
A Case Statement is at the heart of your fundraising strategy.
Some nonprofits have been flying "under the radar" when it comes to registering to fundraise outside their home states. This is no longer possible.
There are so many reasons to have good content on your nonprofit website, but perhaps one of the most important is that it draws the attention of the search engines.
Bill Clinton is a connector par excellence. And it is this gift that has allowed him to become a driving force for good causes across the globe.