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Two of the most popular mortgage relief options are mortgage refinance and home loan modification. Both can help the many mortgage holders who are at risk of defaulting. These programs help homeowners by lowering monthly payment amounts or by lowering interest rates. These programs have successfully helped many people keep their homes. Because of the size of the mortgage crisis and the impact it is having on the economy the government has decided to act. They have budgeted billions of dollars
The global economic meltdown has taken the world by storm! Many companies find their profits in the red. For employees, they are hit hard as retrenchment, freezing and reduction of salaries become commonplace. Many investors also see their investments take a plunge or worse still, completely wiped out! Cities are not spared either by this economic meltdown: with a number of …
Christina Moreno In response to the housing crisis and the subsequent economic slowdown that faces the country, the banks have been constantly lowering interest rates. This has encouraged a lot of homeowners to think about refinancing their mortgage for a lower mortgage rate. Refinance is the procedure of replacing your existing mortgage with a fresh mortgage. In several cases, this may be really valuable in lowering interest rates and thereby homeowners save hundreds of dollars every month.
Have you ever wondered if what you know about mortgage refinance is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on refinancing a mortgage. Reverse mortgages are becoming more and better known among seniors. People Choosing reverse mortgage must taken more care in money and their decisions. Reverse online mortgage amortization calculator mortgages can be paid off at any time. You can be paid all the money at one time only or you can get a credit line
by Liz Moir There are always times in everyone’s life when they feel themselves struggling financially, and in the last two years probaby more than ever before. Since the advent of the recession redundancy has been rife, and many people have lost their jobs which has resulted in massive cuts in family income. Other people have seen a cut in their paid overtime or have been asked to take a cut in income, and the old saying that any job is better than none has never been more true than it is
Government debt? No problem. The net interest paid by the US government is actually about the same - as a percentage of GDP - as it was 40 years ago. It's only 1.3% of output - nothing to worry about. But wait...what's this? The average maturity of that debt has come down from more than 5 years to only 4. And according to the Office of management and Budget, if the US continues on its present course, net interest will rise to 5% of GDP in 2019 and 10% in 2034. And that assumes there is no bi
by Angela Jones Credit card debt is a much discussed topic in both financial and public circles. A large section of the population has has gotten itself into trouble with credit card debt. The main reason for so many credit card related casualties is that many people don’t understand the idea of credit cards properly. They treat credit cards as free money. So all the discipline, which would otherwise have been exercised when spending hard-earned money, goes by the by. Which means that peop
Dubai is gauging investor appetite for debt issuance of $6.5bn as the emirate seeks to seeks refinance its pile of short-term loans and bonds and replace them with longer-term debt. The emirate’s finance department, which has issued prospectuses for a medium-term note programme of $4bn and an Islamic bond,...
Homeowner loans otherwise known as secured loans are of course only available to homeowners. Tenants are not eligible as these homeowner loans must be secured by the equity on a property. Equity is the difference between the mortgage balance and the value of the property. To give an example if a property is worth 230,000 and the mortgage balance is 120,000 the available equity would be 110,000. Secured loans used to be available at high loan to values up to 100% , and there were also 90% and
Debt reduction should be your goal if you owe money for anything.  When you obtain a loan in order to purchase something, you have an obligation to pay back the money in a timely fashion. Debt causes us to have less money available to spend freely each month and can cause turmoil if it is your spending is not under control.  Once you owe money, you need to determine how you will manage your money so that the debt stays manageable. For debt reduction, first, take a good look at your finances