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After an amazing comeback, real estate stocks are just about fairly priced. For now.
The first trading day of China's Nasdaq equivalent gave rise to new tech tycoons.
Only Congress stands in the way of the abundant copper, gold and silver in the U.S.
A move away from government help and an E.U. break-up builds hope for Lloyds and RBS.
Deutsche Bank and Shell overshoot forecasts but BASF disappoints.
Troubled lender agrees to a $4.5B loan, but not from the billionaire investor.
Big oil companies with more upstream operations in oil production stand the best chance of beating 3Q estimates.
Barclays Capital doesn't believe Japan will halt the yen's gain against the greenback.
Under pressure from the E.U., the Dutch bank announces a rights issue, sells off assets.
Existing home sales surge as first-time buyers race to meet government's tax credit deadline.
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