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A quiclkly changing landscape means that even more care is needed in checking out each potential investment.

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The U.S. Supreme Court is taking a close look at a question individual investors have long asked about their mutual funds, but the courts have largely ignored: Why am I getting charged twice as much as big institutional clients? Sure enough, the money-management services that different classes of fund clients get aren't the same.
The Supreme Court may soon issue a ruling that puts more pressure on mutual-funds to justify their fees.

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A finance professor and his student were walking across campus one afternoon, discussing whether or not the stock market is rational and efficient. The professor argued that indeed, stocks are priced efficiently and that any random mispricing is quickly eliminated by eagle-eyed traders.

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The Supreme Court on Monday heard arguments in a case brought by disgruntled mutual-fund investors who claim their fund fees were too high.
Investors who are perplexed with the optimism surrounding the current stock market rally need not feel they are alone.

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Treasury bonds are typically seen as a safe and unspectacular part of the market, a safety-first asset class with negligible returns. So the 5.2% annualized gain enjoyed by the average Treasury bond mutual-fund over the past decade may surprise many investors.

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Financial advisers said they agreed with several Supreme Court justices who appeared to suggest during oral arguments yesterday that the Securities and Exchange Commission - and not the courts - should ultimately decide when mutual fund fees are excessive.
Charles Schwab Corp. launches its first exchange-traded funds, a move that could alter the landscape of the fastest-growing segment of the asset-management business.

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Several Supreme Court justices seemed unsympathetic to calls for the court to get involved in setting fees for mutual funds, a common form of retirement investment.
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