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Last Monday, I attended a premium business networking session at Boat quay Harry’s bar conducted by Andrew Chow personally. The 15 minutes presentation proves to be valuable and very informative for all us. If I remember correctly the content of the Media Pitching. In summary, P.icture a good picture tells a thousand word. Having Eye candy models or pictures of the ...
Don Martelli of MS&L discusses the importance of having a corporate blog.
NASA begins to address the date 2012.
Project success requires value. It takes more than being on-time, on budget, and delivering the requested functionality.
SIREN is a financial freedom educational package of Systems International Real Estate Network includes 7 unique wealth building systems: 1) SIRENsavings, 2) SIREN debt elimination, 3) SIREN University, 4) Residual wealth network marketing plan, 5) Nationwide real estate network, 6) No cost to rebate mortgage refinancing, and 7) Foreclosure prevention alternatives with short sale commission profits. SIRENsavings is the first of the 7 unique wealth building systems.The SIREN home based business op
How to you find business in a recession – Business Networking Cold calling and telephone canvassing are hard work at the best of times but, in a recession, you can get very down-hearted with continual rebuffs. Networking and exchanging information and contacts with others in business is an excellent way to generate leads and possible future sales. What is Networking? – It is building relationships. To build worthwhile and long term relationship, you need trust. That is how good business
One on the biggest mistakes perpetuated by internet marketers is they’re not marketing a funded proposal to guarantee their daily cash flow. One of the revolutionaryproperly built funded proposals to ever come on the network marketing scene is called MLM Lead System Pro because of the way it is set up and the technology behind it. One of the reasons this is one of the best proposals is the top quality network marketing training provided with each weekly webinar.
Last week, I shared with you the first in a series of videos sponsored by UPS in the style of their “whiteboard” TV commercials. The idea is to take social media concepts and explain them in 1-2 minutes, giving businesses an idea of how they can seize the opportunities created by the medium. In the second installment, we look at selecting the right social media tools for your business, whether it’s for improving communication internally, or finding a better way to manage your consumer fac
October 26, 2009 | By Amir Shkolnik In Internet Marketing | You’ve probably read lots of different articles and emails online outlining successful network marketing secrets. There are quite a few out there, and some offer some pretty good ideas. Most people are in search of an easier way to accomplish their online business goals, so this is a popular topic. Ultimately, the secret to successful network marketing is whatever works to develop a stranger into an associate or colleague in yo
When we have finally decided to work from home, and start looking for work from home opportunities, often we will do one of 2 things. We will either jump in without thinking or we will take too long in deciding. In either case, often we will miss out on important considerations with work from home opportunities. * Do you like the product or service? I wonder at the true figures about how many people miss this point. Often people will get inspired because of the over inflated earning potential
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