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Global stocks end lower after 10 straight days of gains, while Treasury yields and dollar rise after the release of the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s last policy meeting
Push for sanctions against President Yanukovich and his allies marks a significant shift for the EU which has emphasised diplomacy until now
Dynamic pricing is used to sell hotel rooms and airplane seats online. Now some landlords are using it to figure out how much rent to charge for apartments.
From identity thieves impersonating the IRS to tax preparers behaving badly, scammers are on the prowl this tax season.
More than 1,000 current and retired Chicago teachers, police officers and other city workers are expected to rally at the state capitol Wednesday to fight possible cuts to their retirement benefits amid the city's brewing pension crisis.
Athens is abuzz with a rumor: Greece might leave the euro zone and adopt a new currency -- a Greek euro, so to speak, something of a cross between a drachma and a euro to be used only internally. Some hungry economists have jokingly given the new money a nickname: the "Gyro."
After already having gone through 150 careers, including police officer and astronaut, Barbie's newest gig is an entrepreneur.
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