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Many things contribute to the success or failure of any organization. But usually there is one event or decision that marks the turning point, for good or bad. Find out what it was in Circuit City's case and why the results were so disastrous.

OnLive, a new service that replaces video game consoles like the XBox and PS3 with a small online device, was announced at today’s Game Developer Conference. OnLive will offer hi-res video games over your broadband connection, opening doors for video game downloads, multiday online rentals, and other exciting options. InformationWeek reports:
A startup company called OnLive [...]
Good CEOs display a combination of characteristics that are hard to find. They need to be unselfish, popular with employees, good communicators, shrewd, good businesspeople, and above all, good leaders. Unfortunately, in recent years, we’ve had our share of selfish, unpopular, tight-lipped, or otherwise faulty CEOs.
Fortunately, the systemic components of the CEO issue can [...]
A lot more of us are working from home these days, but does that mean you can (or should) take advantage of the home office deduction? Maybe. Read on to find out.
The Threshold to Claim the Home Office Deduction is High
You in fact may do a lot of business in your home office. I spend [...]
Although the media is constantly bombarding us with bad news about the economy, people are still buying stuff. It's your job to make sure your products are the ones they are buying. Here's how you can do that.

Remember our corporate logo parody post from last December? It depicted 15 corporate logos altered to reflect current economic conditions. We couldn’t resist creating 10 more corporate logos as a follow-up. We thought the following might suit the companies–after the crisis:










The WSJ reports on the imperiled Sun Microsystems’ talks with IBM:
The disclosure of talks for Sun to sell itself to International Business Machines Corp. caused Sun’s stock to jump nearly 79% Wednesday to $8.89 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
If the deal does go through, IBM is likely to pay $10 to $11 a share for [...]
Planning to start a business? You're probably wondering just how much money you're going to need to get it off the ground. The simple answer is - well, it's not simple. You can, however, get an estimate of what you'll need. Here's how >>

One UK school wants its students to go veg. If they won’t do it willingly, they can be forced, via cost-conscious parents. From the UK Telegraph:

Parents whose children sign up to the ‘Vegetarian Scholarship’ could save £1,500 each year at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Glos. The “progressive” school was founded by a vegetarian Methodist minister [...]
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