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Remember our corporate logo parody post from last December? It depicted 15 corporate logos altered to reflect current economic conditions. We couldn’t resist creating 10 more corporate logos as a follow-up. We thought the following might suit the companies–after the crisis:










The WSJ reports on the imperiled Sun Microsystems’ talks with IBM:
The disclosure of talks for Sun to sell itself to International Business Machines Corp. caused Sun’s stock to jump nearly 79% Wednesday to $8.89 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
If the deal does go through, IBM is likely to pay $10 to $11 a share for [...]
Planning to start a business? You're probably wondering just how much money you're going to need to get it off the ground. The simple answer is - well, it's not simple. You can, however, get an estimate of what you'll need. Here's how >>

One UK school wants its students to go veg. If they won’t do it willingly, they can be forced, via cost-conscious parents. From the UK Telegraph:

Parents whose children sign up to the ‘Vegetarian Scholarship’ could save £1,500 each year at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Glos. The “progressive” school was founded by a vegetarian Methodist minister [...]
Infrastructurist on the 7 most ridiculous roads being built with stimulus money.
Get Rich Slowly on the passive barriers that support irrational financial behavior.
New Scientist on how money messes with your head.

Make the Logo Bigger on why you can’t count on people when it comes to marketing. The name says it all.
Outsourcing is often seen as a bad word, but for small businesses it can be what makes the difference between meeting a deadline and losing a client. To get the best results from outsourcing, follow these 18 guidelines.

It’s so much easier to keep your job than look for a new one in this economy. These tips are a good reminder for all of us to love the one we’re with.
1. Do Your Job - Only Better
A freelancer I know recently told me she’d rather just go to work for someone else so [...]
Online tools and investment software enable investors to track their investments’ potential, ideas, and records in more detail. They are most useful for intermediate to advanced investors. In this article, we’ll differentiate between online tools and investment software, explain the perks of each, give you a list of the best ones, and cover some additional [...]
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