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Years of hard work building a great team can be undone in a few weeks of layoffs and restructuring. If you're one of the survivors, you may be wondering how you can ever regain your footing. This advice from Steve Farber, author of Greater Than Yourself, can help you get your career on the road to recovery.

Did you know there's an easy way to double or triple your output of new products and marketing materials with WAY less effort? Learn the three "R's" of creating more with less.

Most security systems are designed to prevent outsiders from breaking in to steal or vandalize property. Unfortunately, these security systems do little to prevent a trusted employee from robbing you. Find out how you can protect yourself from employee theft.

Social networking's appeal to the masses is exactly what can turn it into a big distraction for your business. Here's an idea that can help you be more strategic about your social networking efforts so you can take advantage of its business building potential.

With a suffering economy there is the temptation to operate in fear. Implement one of these principles and make a difference. Implement all seven and change the culture you live and work in. Read more >>

Rtiz Camera, Wolf Camera, Kits Camera, and other names associated with Ritz closing down 300+ stores nationwide as part of a bankruptcy consolidation process. CNET has details:
This of course means stock liquidation sales, which will begin Saturday, April 4. As with the Circuit City liquidation, I wouldn’t expect huge discounts despite a senior VP at [...]
LegiStorm is a sweet website that does wonders for government transparency. How? By making it easy to find congressional staffers’ salaries, bonuses, and other financial information. More from the Washington Post:
All this stuff is public information, mind you. But it used to be a pain to find: Hike up to Capitol Hill, descend into the [...]
Gold, formerly a losing proposition, is experiencing a revival as investors scurry to inflation-proof their assets. A smaller industry lurks in the shadow of bullion and maple leaf coins. It is the edible gold industry, which invests only in appetite and opulence. Here are 10 ways that people eat their gold:
1. Gold Brick Chicken

Long Island’s [...]
How do you come up with a great business idea? And, how do you grow that business in a slow economy? We interviewed Morris Tabush, owner of Bill4Time, to get the answers to those questions.

The Group of 20, or G-20, is a coalition made up of the countries that make up 85% of the world economy. In light of the ongoing crisis, this year’s G-20 conference is especially important. It could result in globally coordinated bailout action, new power for the IMF, and new global regulations.
However, if personal [...]
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