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Home : Canada : Are variable-rate mortgages a better deal? Are variable-rate mortgages a better deal? Date: Monday Oct.
Citigroup paid $390.2 million to 21 people, an average of $18.6 million each, the records released Oct 22 show.
A shake-up of the current account market is in prospect as high-street banks, under pressure over their charges, consider revenue-raising schemes
With all the fuss being made over Rochdale Securities analyst Dick Bove's downgrade of Wells Fargo Wednesday afternoon and the subsequent selloff in the bank's shares, a look at the stock's technical situation seems in order.
Shares of Synovus Financial Corp. tumbled on Friday after the southeastern regional bank's continuing credit troubles triggered a wider-than-expected third-quarter loss, leading analysts to cut forecasts for future earnings.
Millions of instant access savers will be entitled to receive two months' written notice of cuts to interest rates on their accounts from November 1
Bernanke talks about too big to fail. Mr. Bernanke, speaking at a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston meeting Friday on Cape Cod, said he would prefer "a more subtle approach without losing the economic benefit of multi-function, international firms." His comments came in response to a question from former Bank of England Deputy Governor John Gieve .
Savers continue to be rewarded for tying up their cash in fixed-rate bonds with returns of up to 5 per cent, but instant access accounts still offer as much as 3.3 per cent
Shares of PNC Financial Services Group Inc. soared Thursday after the nation's fifth largest bank said its profit grew sharply during the third quarter, even as loan losses rose.
Bank of America Corp. has reportedly sold First Republic Bank, a private bank it inherited from Merrill Lynch&Co., to a group of investors for more than $1 billion.
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