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Crescendo Networks, a maker of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products built to improve server efficiency, will announce tomorrow the impending launch of their new add-on management appliance, the AppBeat SC Service Controller. The AppBeat SC Service Controller is designed to monitor multiple AppBeat application delivery controllers. This product will give users the option to [...]
Motorola is obviously hoping that, to twist a famous Obi-Wan Kenobi quote from "Star Wars," its heavily hyped new phone is the Droid people are looking for.
Alot of websites on the internet claim to offer a free template of a business sales contract.  I spent all day today looking for one, but no one was giving one away for free.  They all wanted you to pay for...
Banks in France, including non-French ones, will no longer be allowed to offer guaranteed bonuses to traders and other staff under new rules announced Nov. 5. The only exception is for signing bonuses for new employees, and they are limited to a maximum of one year.
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Gold investors are partying like it's 1849.
China's announcement on Wednesday that Walt Disney could go ahead with its long-planned theme park in Shanghai raised a few eyebrows in Hong Kong. That's because Disney's first foray into the China market, via Hong Kong in 2005, has been tepid at best -- and embarrassing at worst.

ThoughtWorks Studios, a software development startup, is launching a new version of its project management tool, Mingle, and is rolling out integration with Google Wave.

Mingle has been upgraded to feature a communications platform within the application, called “Murmurs.” A mix of an IM and Twitter-like microblogging format, Murmurs allows anyone involved in a software project to have online conversations that are associated with a specific Mingle project.
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Site redesigns always take longer than expected. But in the case of manufacturing marketplace, a major overhaul of its site ended up taking three years. "The whole team has felt as though we were hand-cuffed for the past three years and couldn't execute on all the great ideas," founder and CEO Mitch Free tells me.

But now those cuffs are off. Last night, opened up its brand new site, redesigned from the ground up. is a
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ty-ventures-goes-after-alibaba/">surprisingly successful B2B marketplace for sourcing manufactured parts, with more than $600 million in outstanding requests for quotes on the site (which is up from $50 million less than two years ago). Jeff Bezos and the German Samwer brothers are investors, as is Fidelity Ventures.

When Free launched the site way back in 2000, he built it on ColdFusion because it was fast and cheap. It's amazing the site lasted so long on such outmoded technology, given its growth.