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Google Grant is a public service of that provides free ad space to 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
You may not be able to hire a donor prospect researcher to prepare detailed information about your donor prospects, but you can start pulling together some basic information just with some time and patience.
Social media (or Web 2.0) is everywhere these days, but it is not easy to get your arms around. For those of us not born to the Internet, here are some resources that help explain social media and suggest ways nonprofits can use it.
Why do older donors matter to fundraisers? Well, first there are the simple demographics.
Your donors and volunteers are aging. Learn how to design a website that will keep those mature readers coming back.
More people than ever want to work in the nonprofit world. But the competition is keen. Here are three things you should include on your resume when applying for a nonprofit job.
Stephan Schmidheiny has dedicated $1 billion to helping Latin America's poor become entrepreneurs.
Why do people use Twitter? At first, it was a way to personally keep in touch with friends and family. But it has been quickly adopted by professionals of all kinds, as well as organizations and businesses. The nonprofit sector has become very busy on Twitter, as its potential for friend building, fundraising, and marketing has become apparent.
One graduate of a Schmidheiny funded school tells his story.
Language matters, and, as writers of materials from fundraising letters to press releases to blog posts, we can add to or prevent harmful stereotypes, whether they are racist, gender-based, or ageist.