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The cover story on this month’s Money Magazine asks “ What would you do with $1000? ” We’ve talked in the past about what you’d do with a major windfall , but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at your options with a smaller windfall. Here are Money’s suggestions: Build up your emergency fund Spend five hours with a financial planner Buy a top-notch mutual fund * Upgrade your appliances Join a gym/hire a personal trainer Pay down credit card debt Update y
Walter Smith With a bad credit loan mortgage it is very much possible to buy a house, in spite of a poor credit score and bad credit record. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that this is not an easy procedure, although with the banks present condition, it is tough for anyone to maintain a spotless credit record. Banks have just lent out a large sum of money, which people cannot manage to pay back. Because of this the cost of regular and bad credit mortgages have risen substantially.
Jack Chary One of the most important things to include in any budget is the payment you make toward any debt you have beside your mortgage. This includes credit cards, student loans, and any other personal loans. According to the April 2009 Nilson Report, in 2008 over seventy-eight percent of American households had one or more credit cards. The Nilson Report also states that at the end of 2008, the average American household had an average credit card debt of $8,329.00. In todays economy the
In the November 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, they had a rundown of “credit cards worth keeping.” This is an especially useful list now that terms are changing and many of us are considering moving on. Here are Consumer Reports’ picks: Balance-Transfer Cards Consumer Reports likes American Express Clear , PenFEd Visa Platinum and People’s United Bank Platinum MasterCard . These cards have APRs hovering between 12.24% and 17.24% with the People’s United Bank card having a 1
Steven Magill A maxed out credit card is of no use to anyone. You will not be able to buy anything with it, or even use it. Good thing there is a credit repair guide to answer your troubles of not having enough credits to achieve something. A credit repair guide, as what it implies, is a guide that helps you restore your credit. It is also somewhat like a map that guides you as well as help you achieve your ultimate goal, credit repair. Going to a place where you are not acquainted to can b
Patricia Gabbett Car insurance can be an added burden for the most of us. As if cars are not expensive enough, State laws just have to require us to get car insurance. You do not have to stress yourself over this issue, there are ways by which you can get discounts and save more. Understanding how car insurance works can give you an advantage over car insurance companies. How do car insurance companies assess you? There are factors that may affect your car insurance rate. One of them is you
Steven Magill If you have problems with your credit or if you have reached your credit limit then you need credit repair help. A credit repair help is for someone who has a hard time understanding or someone who is confused when it comes to repairing their credit. But it is not only limited with people who have problems like these. Whether you want to explore the do-it-yourself way of doing things or getting help from an expert, credit repair is important. No matter what the reason, people
If you are not longer in college then you probably are thinking about how to repay student loans . Student loans are certainly one of the most pervasive types of debt. They create serious and lasting issues for many people. After all, outstanding student loan debt can affect your credit score. You might not find a lender to help you buy a house or a car. But there are some simple ways to repay student loans. Some require major changes in lifestyle. Others simply require small alterations or
Credit cards are getting a bad rep these days and it is not difficult to see why. From increasing interest rates to suddenly dropping available credit, credit card holders are getting hit every which way with their credit cards. It is no wonder then that, according to recent research, consumer satisfaction with credit cards are dropping fast.A quick search through the internet about credit card complaints will return hundreds of results. A lot of credit card holders are getting hurt because of t
John E. Simmons There are various red flags which can warn of debt problems. Knowing how to identify them can help you ward off trouble before it gets even worse. Consider whether any of the following warning signals apply to your current financial situation: 1) You regularly make only the minimum monthly payments on your credit card balances. 2) One or more of your credit card balances hover near the maximum limit. 3) You often use credit cards to pay for basic necessities. 4) 20% or
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