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US GDP came in showing gains of 3.5 percent. The markets took this as wonderful news with the stock market reversing it’s losses from the past few days and the dollar turning around and heading downhill as risk taking came back into focus. Read more...Markets React to US GDP originally appeare
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The Japanese yen grows against the U.S. dollar today after yesterday’s correction on USD/JPY pair, as the traders are speculating on the possible funds repatriation performed by the Japanese exporting companies.(...)Read the rest of Japanese Yen Rises on Funds Repatriation Speculations (185 words)
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A decline in crude oil rates forced down a basket of currencies which are originally from oil exporter countries, which is the case for the Mexican peso, continuing a losing streak versus the U.S. dollar that started as risk aversion emerged this week.(...)Read the rest of Crude Oil Affects Mexican Peso Rate (62 words)
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The Norwegian krone lost versus currencies like the dollar and the yen, as traders become more risk averse as a negative home sales report was published in the United States, affecting commodities rates and consequently the krone.(...)Read the rest of Norwegian Krone Down Despite Central Bank Optimism (73 words)
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Having come to the end of the week, both the fundamental and technical standing of the markets looks very unstable. Furthermore, it is a rule of thumb...
The US Dollar is rallying against world currencies at a breakneck pace. It has risen 3 big figures(300 pips) against the Euro(EUR) over the past 2 trading sessions. Read more...US Dollar Attempts Turn Around originally appeared on Forex Trading on T
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Speculations that retail sales would post another month of gains were confirmed providing support for the pound to regain terrain versus the euro and several other currencies, changing the negative outlook for the British currency to a better trajectory.(...)Read the rest of Pound Extend Gains on Retail Sales (65 words)
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