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Ma gandeam intr-o zi care ar fi una dintre cele mai grele lectii pe care le avem de invatat in viata. Pe moment n-am stiut sa raspund… apoi frunzarind una din cartile mele preferate “Calea spre iubire” de Deepak Chopra , am gasit raspunsul: INGADUINTA. Mi-am dat seama ca aceasta lectie inca o exersez si o voi exersa toata viata. Cand mi-o aduce viata din nou in cale nu sunt intotdeauna atenta si acum stiu de ce. Mintea ma blocheaza, mintea vrea sa ma tina pe un drum care consider ca “asa treb
MLM Lead System Pro is a perfect step by step training platform together with a built in funnel with over 15 affiliate products (adding more every month) that entitles you to market your main business opportunity at the ending of the funnel. This system is proven to work for any MLM or network marketing business by giving you all the tools and training necessary to become lucrative. Here are a a small number of reasons why I like using this system: One, it gives me complete control and organiz
Trebuie sa recunosc, de cand cu finalizarea proiectului AVANTAJ LA START editia 2009, care s-a lansat nu demult , am fost aproape complet rupt de “scena” finantelor personale din Romania. De aceea m-a prins pe picior gresit un email de la Ionut Ciurea care imi atragea atentia asupra unui site deschis nu demult. Ca atare m-am hotarat sa trec la fapte si sa analizez despre ce e vorba. Site-ul cu pricina se numeste “ Scoala de bani “ si are o structura foarte interesanta. Este vorba de un
Joining iLearningGlobal?What is iLearningGlobal? iLearningGlobal is an innovation in personal growth that brings the best speakers, authors, and trainers in the world right to your door via patented HDTV streaming video technology. How is iLearningGlobal different from every other MLM opportunity out there? Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything even remotely like iLearningGlobal in the entire profession of Network Marketing – it is entirely unique in every way.  As a professional network marke
Ever thought of people in your network as "dogs"? Bear with me on this one.... Just like your faithful companion, many people in your network are not interested in the size of house that you have, the make of car that you drive or the brand of sunglasses you wear, they just want you to be a well grounded balanced individual. Members of your network don't respond well to bad treatment, or a loud angry tone, but quite often they do need to be lead on occasion. Dogs like your fellow networke
Anyone involved in network marketing knows that a continuous supply of qualified leads is the lifeblood of their business. They also know that it is getting harder every day to find good qualified leads. Up until now the primary source of leads as been paid lists. But these have proven inadequate. They have resulted in less than great conversion rates. In fact most of the names on these lists are cold and unresponsive to repeated mailings. They are in the end usually a waste of time and money.If
In the age of social media, hitting Enter does not suffice as effective networking. I interviewed Jeff Stay of BNI and yesterday for an upcoming column on effective face-to-face (or as Jeff calls it, “Belly-to-belly”) networking. It got me to thinking about each of our personal brands and how we put ourselves out there. If each public presentation — in person, on the phone, and - yes - via email, Facebook or Twitter — is a representation of us, what would we like othe
The World Ventures compensation plan is a PDF document 24 pages long. It is painfully confusing to try and discover just how you get paid with this company. You have legs you need to fill with recruits, and then you have to sell travel through your website, and then I just gave up. World Ventures Compensation PlanWorld Ventures has people pay a one time fee, followed with a smaller monthly fee. When certain sales numbers are acheived, this fee is waived. But with the confusing compensation struc
What do Great Recruiters do to make them so ‘Great’? I’ll start with my definition of ‘Great’ as it relates to recruiting. Great Recruiters, in my opinion, always: 1. Make placements efficiently and quickly using sound, proven, ethical methods. 2. Manage their time by focusing first on the activities that propel the placement toward the job offer/acceptance.Great Recruiters thoroughly understand every step of the placement process and how to skillfully execute each step. They understand their “H
A new mobile sourcing application is having its coming out party tomorrow. AutoSearch Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch became available on the iPhone Store a month ago, but Wednesday marks its official debut at $4.99. AutoSearch Mobile, like its full-featured — and more expensive — PC and Mac version, makes it a snap for on-the-go recruiters to search much of the public (and some of the private) web without having to know all that complicated Boolean stuff. That sound you just heard wa