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US shares rise strongly after official figures show business productivity has risen at its highest rate in six years.
London shares advanced on Thursday, helped by gains from the telecom sector, as central banks kept monetary policy in place for another month and, in the case of the Bank of England, expanded asset buying.

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US stocks climbed higher on Thursday following a surprise jump in productivity during the past three months as companies fought to boost output in the recession
The dollar remained weak and Treasury bonds were sold off after the Fed left US rates unchanged and reaffirmed its commitment to keep borrowing costs low
Federal Reserve officials maintain zero-interest-rate policy and make only cosmetic changes in the language of their policy statement.

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The World Bank raises its forecasts for East Asian growth, largely as a result of an economic rebound in China.
The 'great correlation trade' returns as investors' risk appetite grows, while gold hits a new high
Large banks should be required to pay fees in advance into a special insurance fund that would cover the cost of safely dismantling a too-big-to-fail bank under legislation being considered in the House.

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Gold hit a fresh record high even as the dollar rose strongly, and equities fluctuated, amid an intensification of risk aversion
Banking stocks weighed on London's equities market as the recapitalisation of Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland entered a new phase
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