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A trickle can become a flood indeed. One dollar is needed to complete $999,999 to $1,000,000. If you want to get rich more especially build wealth, you are going to have to start somewhere, and most of us...

SwingVine, a site that lets you see what content is trending on the web, is adding real-time functionality. SwingVine aggregates data and news from across the web, analyzes the volume of online buzz and the reputation of various sources, evaluates user interactions on the site itself, and other information to surface the the most popular and noteworthy content on the web. It’s a hybrid of an aggregator of information on pop culture and news and an analytics site that actually measures what people are looking for on the web.

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ing the ability to see trends and buzz on the web in real-time makes complete sense for SwingVine. The startup determines trends based on factors such as volume, recency, and growth rate of web news, sales data, critic reviews, onsite pageviews, clicks, and other data points around topics. Swingvine is also launching a Facebook app to mine and aggregate trends from your existing Facebook friends, incorporating social results into your trends. You can connect SwngVine with Facebook via Facebook Connect.
Barter is older than money.People have been swapping goods and services ever since a really terrific hunter had some extra meat to trade for a sharp arrowhead. Once gold coins and paper currency came into...
It's been 105 years since golf was last an Olympic sport, but thanks largely to Ty Votaw, golfers will tee off in Rio come 2016.
Empower A Small Business Entrepreneur
Our current declining economy in the USA has had a worldwide ripple effect! Due to our current economic crunch a tighter reign on the pocket is smart as well as...
It's time to stop glorifying our economic doldrums with this "jobless recovery" nonsense.

Business intelligence is a service that is crucial to both big and small companies. Indicee is a startup that that helps users easily combine data from their business applications and generate reports using Indicee's cloud-based service. It essentially wants to bring bring reporting and analysis to the “masses” with a cost-effective solution to mashup business data.

Indicee also just completed a $6 million Series A round from Granite Ventures and
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href="">Yaletown Ventures. Indicee's technology taps into data from business applications and content from productivity software such as Excel, and others and automatically builds reports and analysis for this data in the cloud. Users can ask business questions in plain English, which Indicee then responds with reports and visualizations that are produced from on-demand from data uploaded to the cloud.
Touch her here: We all know which
female body parts men most frequently like to explore, but there is more to

her than a vagina, breasts and butt. The largest

amount of nerve endings may be...

Searching retail sites can be frustrating at times. While many retailers try to present product search in a visually appealing way, search can often be slow or difficult to refine. Tonight, Google is making a huge play in retail space with the launch of Commerce Search, a hosted enterprise search product to power online retail stores and e-commerce websites.

Google offers a general hosted search product that
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is used by organizations that want to add customized Google search functionality to their websites. Google is now entering the vertical space, by the first tailor-made enterprise product, with retail optimized space. There are four key components to thew new search offering for retailers:
Brainstorm Tech: Royal Caribbean Cruises hopes enviro-friendly Oasis of the Seas can burnish its green image.
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