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On Wednesday, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will go before the media to reveal his plans for America's number-three automaker.
Warren Buffett said he's making an "all-in wager on the economic future of the United States" with the purchase of railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Let's hope it's a bet that Buffett wins.
Does anyone who was born before the seventies lament the
lack of customer service in the world today. I will pay extra for good customer service and it is truly a
lost art. That is why, when I
returned from...

Microsoft's cloud-based communication and collaboration SaaS, the Business Productivity Online Suite, is adopting a new pricing model, adding more storage, and will be available in 15 additional countries and regions. The suite of products, which include Exchange Online (messaging service), SharePoint Online (intranet/portal solution), Live Meeting (web-based conferencing application), Office Communications Online (unified communications platform), will expand the availability of suite to Singapore and with
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the ability for trials to take place in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania and Taiwan. Commercial availability in India is also expected later this year.

The cost of the suite, which currently has over one million paying users, is being reduced to $10 (U.S.) per user per month, from its former price of $15 per user (thanks to "rapid customer adoption" says Microsoft). The suite is also being updated to increased mailbox storage to 25 GB for users of the standard service.
CIT Group is the first big bailout loss for taxpayers, but it won't be the last.

With 600 million unique visits per month, Yahoo sees a large amount of traffic to its sites. In order to maintain sites in the cloud, Yahoo uses Traffic Server, a piece of software initially acquired via Inktomi, to support this massive amount of traffic. Tomorrow, Yahoo will be debuting an open source version of Traffic Server. The code is available through the Incubator project at the Apache Software Foundation.

Traffic Server enables the session management, authentication,
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configuration management, load balancing, and routing for an entire cloud computing stack. Yahoo says that with the open source version of Traffic Server, organizations can benefit from access to cached online content. In addition, Traffic Server enables faster responses to requests for stored Web objects, such as files, news articles or images.
Having been in your position in a previous recession, I can emphasize with you and your predicament. However,
the first thing to remember is that losing a job or being unemployed no
longer carries the...
Now that we're officially (if barely) out of the Great Recession, it's time for our nation's elected officials to get down to serious business -- that of taking credit, assigning blame, and calling each other liars.
For years we’ve been told the key to the future is the Open Web. And for years it’s been true that taking the open path eventually pays off. You can’t deny the power of open technologies to disrupt the incumbents, whether they are operating systems or carriers or the media in general. Arguing about what [...]
On his retirement, Mehrullah took a flight to his hometown, Gwadar (Pakistan), with intent to settle there. He was filled with nostalgia as he remembered his childhood in the small dusty town now spiraled...