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Language matters, and, as writers of materials from fundraising letters to press releases to blog posts, we can add to or prevent harmful stereotypes, whether they are racist, gender-based, or ageist.
Here are the most popular of our sample letters, charts, and grant proposal components.
Cash-strapped companies find a way to get more from their charitable bucks.
Many so-called nonprofits are simply groups of people who come together to perform some social good.
The great recession doesn't put too much of a dent into philanthropic plans.
Even small organization can get corporate sponsorships. Just think of concentric circles of influence in your city or town.
Ten Thousand Villages masters art of nurturing affluent customers and impoverished craftsmen.
Nonprofit organizations really do need to be careful about who is volunteering for them. An adequate volunteer application form is essential.
These 14 philanthropists are the most generous people on the planet.
A swipes file...that's what we have and stories from other people who work, volunteer, or contribute to our challenging yet wonderful nonprofit world.
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