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The pound reverted its losing trend from last week’s end, specially versus the euro, as traders interpreted the winning streak as inadequate, as U.K. could be starting its first signs of economic recovery.(...)Read the rest of Pound Pares Losses After Exaggerated Rally (80 words)
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Thursday's souring in risk appetite wouldn't develop into a trend reversal. Can fundamentals guide risk appetite next week?
The dollar had a good performance versus the yen and several other currencies on speculations that the Federal Reserve will consider interest rate hikes before than previously announced.(...)Read the rest of Dollar Gains on Federal Reserve Speculations (74 words)
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COT data is yet another piece of the puzzle that warns of a USD low. EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, and CHF long positions are at their highest levels in year(s)....
The pound has been one of the biggest losers this year in foreign-exchange markets since several reasons, specially due to an artificial credit bubble that destabilized the British economy when the global slump crushed the world last year, forcing the pound down significantly, mainly versus the euro.(...)Read the rest of Will the Pound Shrink with U.K.’s Economy? (170 words)
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• Euro Consolidates as Exports Dive, Warning That Ireland May Require IMF Aid • British Pound Rally Continues Following Comments from BOE’s Fisher Signaling...
After trading near parity with the U.S. dollar in the beginning of the week, the Canadian dollar fell sharply after the national central bank stressed on the problems a strong currency could cause to the economic recovery of the North American nation.(...)Read the rest of Canadian Dollar Down on Central Bank Pressure (71 words)
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FXCM UK has issued a press release stating that they plan to raise margin requirements on Nov 22nd. The details can be obtained on the press release page of their web site.
FXCM stated that based on their business experiences in Hong Kong that they believed that traders are better off working with less leverage in the long term.I thought this would be a good opportunity to remind people about some issues that can occur with trading on margin.For more information on trading on margin see the following article
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Risk appetite may have stumbled towards the end of the past week; but looking at the bigger picture, the market’s have neither backed off direction nor...
The yen had a weak performance today losing versus most of the 16 main traded currencies towards the end of this week’s session as increased risk appetite has shunned traders from its safety to seek higher-yielding possibilities in emergent markets and commodity-linked countries.(...)Read the rest of Risk Appetite Sets Yen Down (163 words)
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