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Worst jobless figures since 1983 dampen investor enthusiasm.

CVS loses some big contract business and shares are hit hard.
After a disastrous 2008, these funds are back on top.

There's a lot of crossover between so-called obesity drugs and diabetes treatments. Amylin has both of them covered.
New home buyer credit is a boon for boomers and retirees looking to move or trade down.
Stock research analysts are not always right but when they change their mind about a stock you should pay attention.
WHAT'S HAPPENING TODAY: Rising unemployment could shake confidence in recovery.

From the strategies of Buffett and Lynch, and even the younger Fisher, gurus like what they see in the oil patch.
Ostentatious bonus packages on Wall Street are stoking legitimate anger among ordinary Americans who got shafted.
Companies that produce industrial and agricultural chemicals are moving higher. Here are three of the best.
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