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Sure doesn’t sound cost neutral to me WASHINGTON — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger praised President Barack Obama’s drive to overhaul the nation’s health care system on Tuesday and urged fellow Republicans to join in efforts to finish the job this year. The new Republican support for Obama’s top domestic priority came as a potential setback emerged for Senate health legislation: Congressional tax experts reported that the bill would impose $29 billion more in taxes on health care i
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If you purchase your business cars, which we recommend, here is another way you can increase the amount of deductions you can take for a business automobile. If you’ve purchased a new car that you use for a certain percentage of business, you can claim the taxes on the car and the interest on the loan you secured to get the car.42 If you are in business, interest and taxes are deductible regardless of whether you use the IRS method or the actual method. If you have not claimed these deductions,
Higher taxes in health care bill WASHINGTON ? Congressional tax experts say Senate health care legislation would impose $29 billion more in taxes on health care industries than originally thought. The Joint Committee on Taxation says drug companies, medical device manufacturers and insurers would pay $121 billion over 10 years as a result of taxes in the [...]
According to Kiplinger , “Folks who represent the food and beverage industry are fighting an all-out war against a federal excise tax on sodas, fruit drinks, sports drinks and other sugared beverages. They are determined to make sure that Congress doesn’t approve such a tax to help offset the cost of health care reform legislation, and they even launched an advertising blitz costing a reported $2 million to make their point. There’s just one problem: No major health care bill pending in Congr
Can Someone Out There Tell Us What Is Going On?             A few years ago, when the economy was thriving, and people were living the good life, things made sense. Being at war with Iraq, and Afghanistan may have not made any sense, but neither did the terrorist act upon New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Image via Wikipedia             There are no taxes on clothing, but some counties are adding county tax on almost everything, and if the government should bring the clothi
Pledge for more IMF help for poor By Steve Schifferes Dominique Strauss-Kahn described the deal as historic The French and British governments have announced a $4bn (£2.5bn) allocation to the International Monetary Fund to help poorer countries. The money will go to the IMF’s new loan facility to help countries which do not have enough money to pay for imports as a result of the economic crisis. It will come from a $250bn (£157bn) allocation distributed a few weeks ago.
Aha! Finally, the way to rid the world of offshore tax havens! Force them to collect....taxes! The New York Times is reporting the notorious offshore tax haven, the Cayman Islands may be forced to collect taxes : Caught in a vise of shrinking revenue and stubbornly high public spending, the Caymans averted a fiscal crisis this week by securing a $60 million overseas loan. But the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Britain, which oversees the Caymans and can veto foreign lending request
46 | Oct 2, 2009 GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) — European Union (EU) finance ministers on Friday discussed the idea of introducing a carbon tax across the 27-nation bloc as a way to help fight climate change. “Today, there were few reactions, but all the reactions were positive,” Laszlo Kovacs, EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, told reporters after presenting the idea to EU finance ministers at an informal meeting in the Swedish port city of Gothenburg.
Comments Reuters columnist James Pethokoukis: "Obama's campaign promise to not raise taxes on households making less than $250,000 a year was always considered a joke here inside the Beltway. Maybe it was a joke inside the campaign, too." President Obama is very serious about keeping to the letter of his pledge not to raise taxes for people who make less than $250,000, so he has fond the perfect way to ensure the implementation of his pledge, semantics . If he calls those taxes something else,
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