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When the U.S. dollar gained ground on the Euro and other currencies last year, glossy travel magazines celebrated the affordability of once-pricey locales. Cheap lattes in Paris!
Guest Post by Joe LandTeenagers are always looking for extra cash to buy clothes, gas, video games and other things that appeal to them. In order to buy these things and put money in their wallet. Teens need money. Here are 5 ways teens can make some extra cash online.1. Blogging - Blogging can be a great way for teens to make money because teens usually have lots of hobbies. Why not blog about them. Blogging requires a lot of work at the start but eventually gets easier. People earn money with blogs mostly through ads so in order to be successful you will need to have a blog with a
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good amount of traffic.2. Writing Articles – Teens can make money with article directories like Ehow and Associated Content. Whenever you write an article with these sites, you get paid based on the number of times that article is viewed.3. Mechanical Turk – This site was created by Amazon and pays you to complete tasks that computers can’t do. These include finding information about businesses and writing short essays. Teens are usually pretty good at surfing the web for info so this is a great opportunity for them.4. Affiliate Marketing – Teens can make money promoting other people’s products. Sites like ClickBank will pay you a commission when someone buys a product using your link. Another thing is that teens have lots of experience with social networking sites which gives them a way to promote and be successful.5. Paid Surveys – There are sites out there that need teens opinions on products. They are willing to pay them for their opinions. Teens can make a good amount of money with survey sites. They are easy to do and most sites usually send the earnings by check which is great for teenagers under 18.Author BioIf you’re a teen and want to make money then I recommend CashCrate for starters. It is a paid survey site that is very easy for teens to make money with. They send money with checks which is great.

With 600 million unique visits per month, Yahoo sees a large amount of traffic to its sites. In order to maintain sites in the cloud, Yahoo uses Traffic Server, a piece of software initially acquired via Inktomi, to support this massive amount of traffic. Tomorrow, Yahoo will be debuting an open source version of Traffic Server. The code is available through the Incubator project at the Apache Software Foundation.

Traffic Server enables the session management, authentication,
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configuration management, load balancing, and routing for an entire cloud computing stack. Yahoo says that with the open source version of Traffic Server, organizations can benefit from access to cached online content. In addition, Traffic Server enables faster responses to requests for stored Web objects, such as files, news articles or images.

SlideShare, the "YouTube for presentations" has unveiled two premium services for businesses— LeadShare and AdShare. SlideShare lets anyone share presentations and also serves as a social discovery platform for users to find relevant content and connect with other members who share similar interests.

LeadShare is a self-service tool that businesses can use to capturing leads from documents and presentations. To capture leads, companies currently have to work with third-party vendors to set-up complex and sometimes costly lead gener
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ation campaigns. And traditional lead gen services require end users to first complete lead information before downloading a whitepaper. LeadShare's process takes a different twist by asking businesses to share content and then letting users choose if and when to get in touch. SlideShare's CEO Rashmi Sinha says that the quality of leads is actually better because users who input their info are genuinely interested in the service or product.
Shares head south after the steelmaker reports the latest profit drop.
Online games is a huge market. Hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) go online every day just to play games. This is a hot niche market that has a lot of money you can make.So how can you get into the online game niche and start making money?By playing popular online games and win money? No, it's just too hard to earn cash this way because you need to be a very skillful player,
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and must be able to beat hundreds of other players to win a cash prize.By creating your own online game and sell it online? This sounds like a good way to earn big money, but you must be an expert at programming to be able to create a good fun online game that sells. So, this idea is probably not for you.So how exactly can you earn money online in the online game niche market?The answer is by helping the game distributors to promote and sell their online games on the Internet. Game distributors are also known as game portals. Yahoo Games, RealArcade and Big Fish Games are some of popular game portals in the industry.Among the game portals, Big Fish Games offers an affiliate program that anyone can join. Once you join Big Fish Games, you can promote all their casual game products for a cash commission. A good way to promote their online games to Internet users is by setting up a game store featuring their fun games. And don't worry you don't need to know any technical knowledge to get your game store up and running on the Internet. There is a site called Game Store Builder that provides all the solutions to people who want to make money by promoting online games.By becoming a member of Game Store Builder you can immediately pick a game store template, upload the template to your hosting account provided by Game Store Builder and launch your game store on the Internet in less than 30 minutes. The game store will run by itself and be updated every day with new fun games.You'll also get free Google Adwords advertisement credits from Game Store Builder that you can use to start promoting your game store on the Internet. For each game that is sold through your game store, you can earn up to a 40% affiliate commission.You’ll earn life-time commission from all the customers referred by you. This means you aren’t just getting commission when an Internet user buys a game through a referral link in your store, when this customer make any purchase in the future you’ll also get a share of the commission.If you need to change or customize your game store site, you can get help from Game Store Builder as well. Game Store Builder provides tutorials, tools and forum support to help you change your game store to the way you like. Also there are free articles in Game Store Builder that can be used to market your game store and getting more potential buyers to your store.So, if you want to start a business where you can work from home, promoting online games is a lucrative opportunity for you. With the help of Game Store Builder, you can quickly and easily put up your online games business and start making money. Online games are high demand products, you can potentially make big money by putting in some hard work in your game store.Join Gamestorebuilder Now to Start Generate Income with Online Games
by Graham McKenzie

Although most hate to pay for insuring a vehicle, it is virtually impossible to go without it and feel safe. When you have a valid vehicle insurance policy you are delivered from any financial responsibility that comes with the misfortune resulting from an vehicle accident.

The best way to make sure you are covered with a sufficient amount of insurance is to get a policy, whether you own a vehicle or not. The sole responsibility of getting coverage is to shield you, your vehicle and everything else that stems from being in a crash. Looking for an inexpens

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ive premium to get the coverage you want, can seem near impossible at times, but there are inexpensive ways available.

Avoid paying outrageous premiums. Sometimes insurance companies use your driving record to decipher how high your premium will be. Others simply ask questions about your driving history and don’t check. Pay attention if you are using the telephone, to what the agent is telling you is available, and make sure it matches the policy you receive. Otherwise, you may get ripped off.

If indeed you locate a provider that fits your budget and the amount of coverage is good. Check with the review section, to find out what others think of this provider. This may sway your decision.

There are some variables that will make a premium fluctuate. One is the age of the insure, the number of accidents or violations, the year of the automobile, and which options the car is equipped with. Also insurance companies want to know if you own the title to a possible insured vehicle. If not how many payments until you will own the car.

Fast cars are more expensive to insure. Also new cars add to the base premium. When gaining insurance, age is irreversible, as is the incidents appearing on a past driving report. This can hinder a new car purchase, because you will have a monthly car payment, and most likely a high premium.

When a loan is acquired from a financial institution, typically there will be the need for the maximum coverage available. The financial institution will not risk loosing money, because of the lack of insurance if an accident were to occur. Some financial institutions will come to your home, and repossess the vehicle until the insurance premiums are paid. Make sure you tell your agent about all options that are equipped on your new vehicle. The safer a vehicle is the lower the premium.

About the Author:
Graham McKenzie is the content Syndication Manager at South Africans leading car insurance information portal
Living in an area with drastic weather changes can take its toll on a car owner. You not only have to get a vehicle that can handle all of the different weather that you are faced with, but will more than likely also have to get several sets of tires to handle it as well. Instead of sitting those tires on the side of the house or burying them in the garage, spare tire covers would be a wise choice.
There are places all over that have snow on the road for just as long as they have people in shorts. Tires that will get you through this type of weather condition are not the best for when the
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road is at its smoothest. In this case, there will probably be an entirely different set of tires going on the car once the spring thaw comes around.
When one set of tires goes off and the other comes on, what are you supposed to do to make sure that they do not get damaged over the next 6 months? The answer is to put them into spare wheel covers that will protect them from anything that could damage them. Don’t think that the spot in the corner of the garage is going to keep them out of danger for that amount of time.
Spare wheel covers are made to fit every tire that is out on the road. Once you have the diameter, you can get online and start clicking away to find the ones that you want. It would be wise to get something strong and sturdy for the garage, but if you are carrying your spare on the outside of the vehicle, getting one with a little character is not out of the question.
These tire covers are shipped directly to your home. You are not going to have to do anything but order them and patiently wait for them to be delivered. This makes the spare wheel covers not only nice to look, but convenient to get as well.
Whether you need to cover one wheel on your vehicle or you are looking to cover a complete set, you are going to have quite a variety to choose from. Get something that is a little fashionable for the car for the single tire and something more practical for the second set that is merely sitting in the garage.
For more the low-down with regards to our Wheel Covers dive into our web content at Spare Wheel Covers.
The outlook: You may not feel as if we're out of the woods yet. But the consensus among the 50 leading economists regularly surveyed by the Blue Chip Economic Indicators is that the recession is indeed over, and from a technical standpoint at least, probably ended in the summer.
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