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Bank launches a record IPO to raise its profile in the BRIC country as its loan book deteriorates back in Spain.
The economy is weakening, the stock market is slumping and there's plenty of bad news. It's easy to feel confused.
Troubled lender agrees to a $4.5B loan, but not from the billionaire investor.
Credit the feds with getting new bond sales rolling.
Taxpayers get a 20 years bill for a problem the bond markets fixed in 6 months.
Shares of beverage companies have always ranked high among the market's safe havens in uncertain times. Even when consumer incomes are stretched thin, sales of beer and soda don't suffer much.
In the middle of a recession, McDonald's pitches a fancy burger.
Buoyant bond markets spell more good news for Goldman Sachs.
Despite taking billions in government aid and bringing the U.S. economy to a stand-still, banks continue to reward their employees handsomely.
My first article for money appeared in 1980, and since then I've learned two things about the stock market.
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