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Product DescriptionNetwork marketing–also known as direct selling and multilevel marketing–has turned millions of people into successful business owners. But to truly reach their earning potential, network marketers need to successfully grow their businesses by recruiting the right people. Written by a true network marketing superstar who personally enlisted over one thousand people in her first year, the book reveals a proven, innovative approach to recruiting that gets results fast. Reade

On day 2 of the a4uexpo next week at 4pm the “Meet The Super Affiliates” panel will be taking place with myself, Phil Wilkinson, Tina Judic and Sri Sharma in attendance. If you would like to submit a question for us then please do so in advance in the comments below. Or if you’re a bit shy then email me. This is always a lively and entertaining panel and this is your chance to ask the guys the secrets of their success! Here’s some
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What I’m listening to right now: The Big Pink - “Dominos” not my usual thing but love it since hearing it on the Xbox 360 ad
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Meet The Super Affiliates - submit your questions
A couple of years ago, I tossed the idea around in my mind of creating a blog . But for some reason, I thought that people used blogs for hobby sites and such. It took a while for me to realize that a well-built blog site can be beneficial to my affiliate marketing programs. My blog is strictly dedicated to marketing internet tools, recipes “target=”_self”title=”cooking-tips-recipes” >tips, and information. I try to keep it current by writing and posting relevant article s t
Among the world of internet marketing, perhaps the most popular, easiest, and profitable niche is within affiliate marketing. That is because as an affiliate marketer, your business opportunities are infinite. You can make a great living by selling p...
More and more people these days are turning to one of the most popular businesses around - the business of affiliate marketing.
On day 1 of the a4u Expo myself, Dixon Jones, Jamie Harwood, Chris Garrett and Duncan Jennings will be participating in the “Affiliate Doctors Live” panel. This is where anybody can submit their sites for advice on issues within affiliate marketing, start-up strategy, conversion, blogging
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and SEO. It’s a great opportunity for a free consulation from some sector experts.
We’ll be taking questions and site reviews from the audience live on the day but in order to guarantee your slot we would also like to have some prepared in advance. So if you have a site, old or new and are looking for some tips on how you can improve it then please either email me via the contact form or leave a comment below. We’ll then pick as many as we can to discuss on the day.
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Affiliate Doctors Live at the a4u Expo - submit your site
When the training course Pay Per Click Formula was launched a couple of years ago, it gave many internet marketers their first exposure to PPC-based marketing. Among the first courses in PPC affiliate marketing, it had an impact on the industry. A number of the members in the course have gone on to become top ...
http://thethingsiknow. com/ While reviewing Brian Johson's Commission Ritual, I discovered several things that many internet marketing and affiliate marketing how-to guides and home study courses l. . .

Big thanks to Fraser for the two bottles of wine that he sent me this week. As you can see from looking at the customised labels, these bottles are to promote and - nice domains, that Fraser managed to buy from the original owners.
As I’ve been saying for
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years now, it’s always always best to create sites around your interestes/hobbies and by the sounds of it Fraser is starting to get serious about the wine market. Good luck Fraser, am sure you will make a success of it.
What I’m listening to right now: Hacienda - 88/89/90 from the floor
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