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You know, we don't thank our bankers nearly enough. My bank is always thinking up new ways to help me, and it's been like that my whole life.
Art of budgeting
Each of us live in a household , either we are living alone (singe household) or with our family, we still need to learn the art of budgeting. Even the richest people have a budget, the...
There are those rare moments in business when a technology goes from being cutting edge to being an indispensable part of everyday life.
An interesting fact to many Americans, is that they don't know how the White House was built, or who helped in the planning process.
President George Washing was the President who started the process and...
Halloween is finally here. But many investors have been getting more treats than tricks for nearly eight months now.
A new white paper authored by Digital Fuel, based off of a study conducted by IDG Research Services, states that over half of IT managers believe their current level of IT cost visibility is lacking and needs improvement. Given that 84% of those polled said that having detailed insight into IT costs is critical, this discrepancy is quite jarring.

The study, based on a sample of over 130 respondents who had direct involvement with managing IT costs and had IT budgets of over $10 million, showcased the
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fact that IT organizations have a hard time coming up with ways to manage their IT costs. In particular, those surveyed believe that defining a cost-model and breaking down their IT costs in various manners were the most difficult. Additionally, those polled stated they wanted a better way to identify and assess cost inefficiencies in their IT departments as well as giving their business units more information to control their IT demand.
Fortune takes a look back at our '40 under 40' of a decade ago to find out who's still flying high, and who's fallen from grace.
GP IPO lottery Result has been

At First match your Bank and Branch code
and then search the Bank serial (bank slip) number.

13 The City Bank Ltd
Branch Code
01 Principal Office

With all of its SaaS offerings, is consistently integrating with other forms of cutting edge technologies, such as Twitter,, and more to offer clients more diverse and appealing options. Today, the company is partnering with Adobe to offer the "Adobe Flash Builder," off of, Salesforce's pl
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atform to build and deploy enterprise applications.

The new offering is meant to allow developers and IT departments to build cloud-based rich media applications off of Developers can use Adobe Flash Builder for to extend or enhance existing Salesforce CRM implementations and custom-built applications, or build entirely new applications to meet business needs.
 Beacon Power specializes in frequency regulation.  For those not familiar with how power works this may be a foreign term.  Frequency regulation is the what electrical grids do to ensure that the proper...