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Writing a grant proposal can be daunting, and the information that you've gathered can look overwhelming. But there are some tried and true guidelines to keep in mind as you prepare for and write that proposal.
Cash-strapped charities put donor names on nearly everything.
We have received dozens of questions about grant writing. Perhaps yours is answered here.
Sometimes, organizations are too small and have too few resources to become a full nonprofit. Or, their purpose is limited and temporary. How can they solicit tax-free contributions?
Word-of-mouth is the original "viral" marketing. When you are Twittering and Facebooking, don't forget to make it possible for your supporters to spread the word about your organization by talking (voice to ear) to their friends.
Pitman's book is quick and precise. He has developed what he calls his R.E.A.L. process to guide us through the fundraising cycle. R.E.A.L. represents research, engage, ask, love and back to research. Follow the process, rinse and repeat.
Articulating a specific amount to ask from a donor is not easy, but it is necessary. One way to do that is to use your gift chart.
By optimizing your press releases and posting them online, you can significantly boost traffic to your nonprofit website.
A lot rests with the name of your nonprofit and even on what you name your projects and programs. Will your name become a household word? Will it convey quickly and eloquently what you do? Does your name help your marketing?
Do your special events really work? Are they part of a rational system that reliably produces sustainable income and long-term donors for your nonprofit?