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You have heard of Mana Energy potion, the health drink from Harcos, available at the corner store; and you have of course played Lunia the massively multi-player role-playing game (MMORPG) from, with all the inhabitants of the jungle as your role models. Now, can you see any connection between the two? Yes, you can. The Real drink gets into the Virtual world, and the stamina of your characters can be boosted by consuming Mana energy drink and wait…… it doesn’t stop there. As you order
The word usury comes from the Latin word usuria . The definition of the word is interest or excessive interest. Technically speaking, this applied to charging for the usage of money in any circumstance. We typically don’t think of a fee for exchanging currencies as interest, but that WAS considered interest back then. Eventually countries got involved and legislated a maximum legal interest rate. Usury came to be known as the interest rate on a loan above the legal limit . Historical C
TV Guide At first glance, South Park ’s Randy Marsh does not seem to have the makings of someone with financial savvy. Neither his job as a geologist nor his irrational tendency to over-react suggest we should trust his judgment with money at stake. And yet, there is something this man can teach us about personal finance. For all of his sporadic obsessions and fad chasing, Randy Marsh exhibits a sincere desire to discover and (just as important) act on good ideas and principles. More o
Airbus Parent Wins Saudi Security Contract; Automakers Post Losses; Private Sector Payrolls Shrink by 473,000; Gannett to Lay Off at Least 1,000; Pending Home Sales Rise, Mortgages Fall; Gold Breaks $940 Barrier; SEC Approves “Say-on-Pay” Rules; AIG Shares Drop After SplitPan-European aerospace and defense giant EADS NV - the parent company of Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) nemesis Airbus SAS - yesterday (Wednesday) announced that Saudi Arabia has selected it as the winner of a $2.8 bill
CultureHold On! China’s Gold Farming “Ban” ClarifiedBy Brian Ashcraft on July 2, 2009 at 12:00 PM Earlier this week, we brought word that the Chinese Government has tried to ban gold farming the reported $US500 million gold farming industry.Officially, China’s Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce said that in-game monies “will only be allowed to trade in virtual goods and services provided by its issuer, not real goods and services.”According to a release from the two bodies, “using
Welcome to Jay Norris’ Forex Trend Maps, a recap of the Forex markets daily, posted after 4:30 P.M. (CDT). For more information, please contact Jay at 1-800-971-2154 or at 312-896-3986.Click on the link below to view today’s charts and hear Jay’s analysis. DISCLAIMER: Forex (off-exchange foreign currency futures and options or FX) trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The value
by James Goldman Gold has recently become an attractive investment asset for investors because of a typical phenomenon known as doom and gloom. Gold is also a hedge against all the bad news that brings the bear markets. Bear markets usually triggers the interest in precious metals and especially gold. However, the bad news is unlikely to be accompanied by economic inflation. There isnt any cause and effect relation between gold investment and inflation. Gold investment is a typical form of c
Afternoon Forex Overview Another week is starting with the dollar once again strong on Monday, mainly due to the fact that Chinese officials have announced yesterday that China is not thinking alternative currencies for now and they ...
As Internet-based economies edge closer to their real-world counterparts, one country is apparently trying to build a wall between the two. A government ruling means QQ coins won’t be traded for real cash in China. Many support the move. China has announced new rules that prevent “virtual currencies” like Linden Dollars and QQ coins from being traded for real cash. “It’s a pretty important step,” said Edward Castronova, a professor at the University of Indiana who studies virtual currency. “Thes
The forex bazaar is all about trading amid countries, the currencies of those countries and the timing of advance in assertive currencies. Forex is a trading ‘method’ additionally accepted as FX or and adopted bazaar exchange. Those complex in the adopted barter markets are some of the better companies and banks from about the world, trading in currencies from assorted countries to actualize a antithesis as some are activity to accretion money and others are activity to lose money. The basics of