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Today we’re going to answer one of the most asked questions from everyone entering the “work from home” world…The question?What’s the REAL difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing?This needs to be cleared up BEFORE you decide which way to go…… because your choice will determine what happens likely every day of your life from this day forward.Even if you already know the difference, this is a great explanation you can use in conversation with others who ask YOU.Watch this today
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On Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner all but promised an ugly fight over the debt ceiling this year unless GOP demands for spending cuts are met.
Finding a tax haven is easy. Just flip to the back of the Economist. "New Accounts in 8 Minutes" brags one ad. Another promises that no one is "better positioned to deliver solutions that work" on offshore companies. And yet another offers more than 20 years of experience and the "best prices guaranteed."
It looks like Washington is finally giving up on the silly idea that all banks are in the same boat. It's about time.
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