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Fairholme Fund has been an undeniable success since its debut almost 10 years ago. The question is whether investors want to ride with manager Bruce Berkowitz as he journeys into bonds.

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Q: If you sell a stock that you hold in a Roth IRA for a loss, can you deduct the loss when you take money out of the Roth? You can deduct investing losses in regular accounts, but what about Roths? - F.T.M., online A: Sorry.
Jerry Paul is a former Morningstar Fixed-Income Manager of the Year who sees opportunities in closed-end funds that he believes most investors overlook.

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Independent investors often ask what books and publications they should read and Web sites they should visit in order to keep up with the financial world.
Investors typically are exposed to currency fluctuations thorough portfolio diversification. But then there are specialized currency mutual funds such as Morgan Stanley FX Alpha Plus Strategy Fund -- the Stupid Investment of the Week.

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Mutual funds are sitting on a whopping Rs 13,957.4-crore of cash, which is waiting to be deployed in the market, a mutual fund analyst said.
The growing popularity of exchange-traded funds is expanding beyond the U.S. stock market’s official hours, with investors in pre-market and after-hours sessions using the securities as a way to play broader-sector trends.

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Singapore’s state-owned investment fund is seeking to invest in China, India, Mexico and Brazil, according to a media report Thursday.

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Over the last several months, the U.S. dollar has generally declined in value against other currencies, raising concerns that the dollar may depreciate further.
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