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New software transforms your phone into a GPS device - and a pretty good one, too.
Now that the economy has broken its four-quarter long slump, will Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke be more open to the idea of raising interest rates sometime soon?
Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Winston Bumpus, Director of Standards Architecture at VMware. In this piece, Winston describes how the lack of standards inhibits customers from taking advantage of the full potential of cloud computing because of concerns regarding lock-in and huge investments in proprietary tools, formats and infrastructure.

Cloud computing is here. The vision of flexible, self service IT infrastructure is now within our reach. The term of cloud computing may be a new term, but the concept has bee
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n around for a long time. So what is different now? I would say two things are really allowing this to be a reality: virtualization and industry interoperability standards.

Virtualization has been a real game changer for IT infrastructure. It has changed the processes and the cost points. This has happened with the isolation, consolidation and mobility that virtualization provides. Removing the rigid bonds between hardware and the application systems that run upon them has allowed for quicker and easier deployment and increased mobility of workloads. These capabilities have truly enabled this vision of cloud computing.
I want independence from the Federal Reserve Bank! We are being robbed as a nation by the Federal Reserve Bank and Steve Liesman of CNBC is fretting over the Fed losing its independence! This is so upside...
This weekend, Abu Dhabi plays host to its first Formula 1 Grand Prix, and in typical fashion, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is pulling out all the stops, with a brand new racecourse estimated to have cost $1 billion and festivities including performances from Beyonce and Aerosmith.
Amazon has launched a hosted relational database service, Amazon RDS, as part of the suite of services available at AWS. The new service is a hosted MySQL database instance with the full capabilities and access rights as a normal self-hosted DB. As a hosted solution, instances are easily created and available almost immediately. Pricing stars at $0.11c per hour for the smallest scale specification, and is available now on the AWS site.

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completely elastic hosted DB services, which abstract a large-scale cluster into a shared environment for customers, the Amazon model is to step up or down through tiers of service based on requirements. The tiers of service (with names that seem to be inspired by a fast food restaurant menu) and pricing are:
What do you know? The suits at troubled finance firm GMAC must like working for less money. How else to explain that GMAC is reportedly trying to get a third helping of government rescue funds? GMAC is one of the seven firms that the Obama administration announced sweeping changes in executive compensation for last week.

Cisco has added another company to its coffers with the acquisition of ScanSafe for $183 million. A few weeks ago, Cisco announced a $2.9 billion acquisition of mobile networking infrastructure provider Starent Networks, which followed the
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$3 billion acquisition of video video-conferencing company Tandberg in late September.

ScanSafe provides software-as- a-service (SaaS) Web security solutions for large and small businesses. Tom Gillis, Ciscos's VP and general manager of its security technology business unit, said in the release that the acquisition would help further Cisco's vision "to build a borderless network security architecture that combines network and cloud-based services." ScanSafe's service will be integrated with Cisco's AnyConnect VPN Client, a virtual private network (VPN) product to offer a cloud-security service.
Will the third bailout be the charm for GMAC?